WSB-2 Source: Cecil Newton admits to talks

WSB Channel 2 News in Atlanta is reporting a source claims Cam Newton's father, Cecil Newton, has admitted to talking with a former Mississippi State football player about his son signing with the Bulldogs in exchange for money, but money never exchanged hands.
WSB-2 reporter Mark Winne's source said Cam Newton did not have any knowledge of the discussions, nor did Cam Newton's mother or Auburn.
The report on WSB-2's website,, said the source claims "the player and both parents have demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with the NCAA, beyond even the financial records turned over by the family, and from churches Cecil Newton oversees."
Calls by to Cecil Newton's cell phone and home phone numbers Friday night were not answered.
An story last Thursday said former MSU player Kenny Rogers solicited money from Mississippi State on Cecil Newton's behalf in November 2009 for Cam Newton to sign with MSU.
Cecil Newton, in the same report, said "If Rogers tried to solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own, without our knowledge."
NCAA rules state "solicitation of extra benefits by a prospective student-athlete or an individual on his or her behalf is not allowed."
Despite the allegations, Auburn has maintained Cam Newton is eligible to play Saturday when the 10-0 Tigers host Georgia.