Signee Profile: Jeremy Johnson

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Jeremy Johnson
No. 5 ranked Quarterback
No. 93 overall ranked prospect
Carver-Montgomery (Ala.)
6-foot-6, 223-pounds
Johnson skyrocketed up the prospect rankings last summer and fall and ended the recruiting process as one of the nation's most highly-coveted quarterback prospects. Nearly one year ago, Johnson committed to Auburn and has been one of the most talked about and highly anticipated players the Tigers have signed in recent memory.
On Tuesday, Johnson officially arrives on campus to begin his quest to earn the starting quarterback position on the Plains. Here's Johnson's Signee Profile.
HIGH SCHOOL STATS: Named Mr. Football in 2012, throwing for 3,193 yards and 31 touchdowns and rushing for 705 yards and seven touchdowns. Johnson threw for more than 8,200 career yards in high school. He was named a U.S. Army All-American.
WHAT'S YOUR WORKOUT REGIMENT SINCE SIGNING DAY IN PREPARATION FOR AUBURN? I've been building my strength up, I've gained 20-25 pounds working out and getting my timing back. I'm working on three-step and five-step drops, that's about it. This is as big as I've ever been, but I've probably gotten faster since I've been working on my legs.
WHO WERE YOUR MAIN RECRUITERS FROM THE NEW STAFF AND HOW DID THEY EASE YOUR MIND UPON THEIR ARRIVAL? Coach (Rhett) Lashlee, Coach (Gus) Malzahn and Coach (Dameyune) Craig. They told me that I was going to be the rock of the class. I believed them and I stayed committed, but I already had a relationship with them.
DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY ON AND OFF THE FIELD? On the field, I'm a leader, I bring excitement, I get everybody going. Off the field, I'm laid back and just chill. I'm a great person, I smile a lot, that's it. I flip the switch on the field, when I step on the field I'm a monster.
WHEN DID YOU REALIZE AUBURN WAS WHERE YOU WANTED TO SIGN? It started back when they offered me and went on from there. I built relationships with the previous staff and I just enjoyed being in Auburn. It' snot far from home, my family can see me play, it's a great place.
HOW SPECIAL IS IT TO SIGN WITH THE SCHOOL THAT WAS THE FIRST TO EXTEND YOU AN OFFER? It's special for me. I know I can always come back when I get done playing at Auburn. They take care of you. It's special because I can always come back.
IF YOU HAD NOT SIGNED WITH AUBURN, WHERE WOULD YOU HAVE SIGNED? Ole Miss. They were my second home. Coach (Hugh) Freeze is a good coach and he said he'd take care of me. He said if I needed him to this day, I could call him. That's the reason they were second.
WAS THERE A SIGNEE YOU WERE SURPRISED AUBURN LANDED IN THE 2013 CLASS? I'd say the whole defensive line, all of those guys.
WHAT IS YOUR SIGNING CLASS CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING AT AUBURN? We're going to come in and learn, and then compete for a national championship. No question about it.
HOW DO YOU VIEW YOURSELF IN THIS SIGNING CLASS, DO YOU THINK OF YOURSELF AS THE LEADER OF THE GROUP? DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THAT ROLE? I'm going in to compete for a starting job and be a leader. I'm all in. Everybody watches the quarterback, they saw I stuck with Auburn and they can trust me.
OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF, WHO CAN MAKE A QUICK IMPACT FROM THIS SIGNING CLASS? I'd say Carl (Lawson), Jason (Smith) and Kamryn (Melton). Carl is a head-hunter, we need defensive players like that. Kamryn is a great player, I've seen him play at the Alabama-Mississippi player. he's fast and can cover. Jason is a playmaker, he can turn a five-yard catch into a 70-yard touchdown.
HOW QUICKLY DO YOU ANTICIPATE YOUR ADJUSTMENT INTO LEARNING THE OFFENSE? I can pick it up as soon as I get the playbook. I ran it in high school, I know how to run it, I just need the playbook. Once I learn the reads, I'll be just fine.
DO YOU FEEL YOU CAN LEARN ENOUGH OF THE OFFENSE QUICKLY ENOUGH TO MAKE A SERIOUS RUN AT THE STARTING JOB? Yes, that's what I'm going there to do. I can make an impact as a freshman. People are saying I'll get beat out by Nick Marshall, I'm not worried about anybody. I'm just going in to make a dent and compete for the job.
WHAT TEAMS ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING AND BEATING WHILE AT AUBURN? Alabama, that's the biggest game, and LSU. Those two, but really everybody.
WHAT'S ONE THING YOU WOULD TELL A FUTURE RECRUIT ABOUT AUBURN THEY MAY NOT KNOW? Auburn will be winning the national championship in the next few years. I feel like that can happen, that's all I think about. After my last high school football game, all I can think about is winning a championship. I've won a basketball championship, I need a football one.
WHAT'S YOUR MESSAGE TO AUBURN FANS? They have somebody coming in that they've never had before.
Twitter: @JHokanson