Rogers: Pawlowski a good hire for Auburn

Auburn wrapped up a month long search for a new baseball coach with the hire of John Pawlowski Friday. college baseball editor Kendall Rogers has closely followed Pawlowski career including his last nine years as the head coach at College of Charleston.
"Obviously, he's an excellent coach," said Rogers. "I think what's most impressive about him is what he's done at College of Charleston. They have to compete against South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina, N.C. State and the East Carolina's of the world. He's tackled that well and gotten some under the radar players and developed them into very good players.
"He's a very likable guy both from a player and media standpoint. He knows how to run a clean program. When you look at all that he's done with all the competition in the region, it's very impressive."
According to Rogers, Pawlowski should be exactly what Auburn needs in terms of developing an already talented roster.
"The thing about Auburn that I think would intrigue a coach like Pawlowski is the simple fact that Auburn has plenty of talent," said Rogers. "They weren't lacking talent last year. They weren't lacking talent the year before.
"What they need is a guy that can run a program and take their players to the next level and I think Pawlowski can do that."
Rogers thinks Pawlowski's big school experience -- he was an assistant at both Clemson and Arizona State -- will make the transition from CofC to Auburn much easier.
"Coming from Clemson he obviously knows what it takes to win at a big level," said Rogers. "I think Auburn is a sleeping giant. They have a great facility, it's in the SEC and it's a good academic school.
"Pawlowski knowing what it took to win at Clemson, which is a similar school to Auburn, will know how to recruit at Auburn."
Overall, Rogers gives Auburn high marks on the hire.
"I would give them a B-plus," said Rogers. "I think every SEC program would like to get an elite name but sometimes you need a guy like Pawlowski, who will be very motivated after his team got snubbed the last two years of the postseason.
"He'll go to Auburn and be very motivated to win and win immediately. With the talent in place, I think Auburn is a good situation."