NCAA reduces rulebook

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Division I took its first steps toward a rulebook that is more meaningful, enforceable and supportive of student-athlete success when the Board of Directors on Saturday adopted 25 proposals aimed at creating a more flexible manual based on common sense.
The proposals go into effect on Aug. 1, 2013.
[Division I streamlines rulebook]
One change is allowing coaches to communicate with recruits through all forms of communication (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). These conversations must be private. Twitter direct messaging and Facebook messaging/chat have become extremely popular the last two years. There is virtually no way to enforce rules on those forms of communication. Text messaging, private social media messaging and instant messaging will be allowed and unlimited. The limit on phone calls per week goes bye-bye.
"These new rules represent noteworthy progress toward what can only be described as more common sense rules that allow schools more discretion in decision-making," NCAA President Mark Emmert said. "This vote by the Board of Directors refocuses our attention on the things that really matter, the core values of intercollegiate athletics."
Here are a few of the main changes set to take place.
Any staff member can now contact recruits. No restrictions. Currently, only a head coach or assistant can call, e-mail or evaluate recruits. In the future, non-coaching staff members will have no limits. The non-coaching staff members will not be able to off-campus recruit.
Athletes will be able to receive $300 more than the actual and necessary expenses, provided the expenses come from a permissible source.
The "baton rule", which limits the number of coaches that can recruit off-campus at any one time, is gone.
College athletes and recruits will be allowed to receive actual and necessary expenses for training, coaching and health insurance from a governmental entity.