Moore has solid camp at AU

Although Madison (Ala.) Bob Jones wide receiver Collins Moore already had numerous offers from schools across the south, including SEC offers, he came to the Auburn camp last weekend with a point to prove.
His goal was to perform well enough to garner an Auburn offer, and he felt like he did just that.
"I told my coach the day before, I'm not running any forties, I'm not doing a vertical jump, I'm coming strictly to do one one one's," Moore said. "Going into it, I was just like anything that comes near me, I have to catch it. I went against Jonathan Rose, and that was the one time I didn't score the whole day.
"I went there on a mission, I wasn't there trying to make friends."
There wasn't anything that really shocked Moore about his performance, he came in expecting to play well.
He was surprised though, at the consistency of his game during the camp. He probably shouldn't have been, as Bob Jones runs a similar offense as Auburn according to Moore, so he was familiar with the routes already.
"The biggest thing was my execution every play, that surprised me," Moore said. "The consistency I had was nice, even when not having the same quarterback.
"I learned to just play fast. You're supposed to do that anyway, but we run the same system that Auburn runs. They put me and T.J. Worthy out there, and we had the ball in our hands before the defensive backs even knew it was thrown."
With offers like LSU, Kentucky, Louisville, Illinois, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss among others, Moore is happy with where he's at. He admits though, that he'd like to play instate if it works out.
"I don't have a favorite, I mean I like some schools," Moore said. "I would love it to stay instate, but it looks like that won't happen so I may just have to get over that fact."
While an Auburn offer would mean a lot to Moore, he plans to make a decision before his high school season starts, so he knows an offer from the Tigers would have to come soon.
"It would mean a lot right now because I'm going to commit before the season," Moore said. "If it comes in December, it would be nice, but it would be too late. Once I commit, I want to keep my word. I'll still take some visits, but I'll be locked in by then."
Moore plans to make visits to either Vanderbilt or Kentucky coming up, and then will camp at LSU July 17-18. That will likely be his last visit before the season starts in late August, and would like to make a decision soon there after.
So although Moore may or may not get the Auburn offer he was looking for, he feels confident in his performance.
"I did the best I could do," Moore said. "If they wanted to see me at my best day, I feel like they got it."