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Lashlee breaks down QB signee Jeremy Johnson

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Jeremy Johnson began 2012 outside of the Rivals250 prospect rankings. By the time last rankings rolled around before signing day 2013, Johnson had vaulted all the way into the Rivals100.
His talent is undeniable and his winning attitude is infectious. Those are two factors that Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn and offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee saw in Johnson more than two years ago when they became Johnson's first college offer. And it's what they saw in him when they pushed him to be the leader of the 2013 signing class.
Lashlee talks about what makes Johnson a special player.
ON JEREMY JOHNSON THE PLAYER AND PERSON: Jeremy has a great personality. His personality is perfect for playing quarterback because he's quiet and laid back on the surface. That helps him be calm. I played with Matt Jones -- nothing rattled him -- I think Jeremy has that, but he's got such a fierce competitor down in that once the lights come on and the game starts he flips the switch. He's a jokester, that light heartedness will help him as a high-profile athlete and it will help him at a place like Auburn.
From a physical standpoint, it speaks for itself. He's got great God-given ability, he's such a great person and he's been raised right by his parents so he handles it all well. He's a hard worker. He wants to be great. He wants to come here and compete and be the guy from the word go. He wants to do things that have never been done here and win Auburn a championship. That's attractive as a player and a person.
ON JOHNSON'S CALM PERSONALITY: That will be one of his strengths. There will be times when I get into him because you want him to have a little more fire. There's no question that is a strong suit that will help him. Every Saturday in the SEC has pressure, not only from your surroundings, but what you put on yourself. That's his coping mechanism. I think it's also great, what I tell our guys at quarterback, you are the leader of the team. Good, bad or indifferent, people will look at you when things happen. When our team looks at him, they will see a composed individual. That will keep our team composed -- that's a big strength too.
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