HD: Coleman looking ahead

Coleman looking ahead
A year ago, then Auburn offensive line signee Shon Coleman was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He's been battling the cancer since and is now in his final phase of chemotherapy. sat down with Coleman to talk about his recovery and his plans or the future.
Opening remark...
"Since I've been here (since January) I've just been getting into school, making the transition from high school to college, getting used to everything and working out getting back into football shape."
How are you doing health-wise?
"Everything is going good. Everything is positive. We haven't had any problems or anything. The treatment is going real smooth."
What has it been like...have the coaches embraced you and welcomed you to Auburn...what has the feeling been like since you have been at Auburn?
"The coaches have made me feel real comfortable. They have been supporting me 100 percent, making sure I'm going to class, getting stuff done and making sure I have all of the help that I need.
"A lot of people have been behind me supporting me. They care about what is going on with me and I appreciate everybody that is supporting me."
Are you to the point in your recovery now where you can start looking towards the future more?
"Yeah. I'm to the point where I'm just getting into shape, watching film, learning the plays, learning the offense a little bit, just going through it like I'm supposed to be and I'm starting to get that feeling of football again.
"I know I will be ready next year just to get back in it. I've been waiting for a long time so I'm motivated in what I do to get back to where I was."
You are in Phase Three, the final phase, of chemotherapy. What does that include?
"It's I.V. medicine, pills and when I go to the doctor I get blood work done to make sure everything is good, which it has been. I speak to my doctor and she tells me what to watch out for, to watch out for this or that. It's just been a real smooth process.
"When I first found out (I had ALL), I really didn't take it as a big thing because I didn't know anything about it. My doctors told me that I was going to have to postpone football for a while, but I wasn't upset or anything. It was just another challenge that I had to overcome. I was okay with postponing football so I could get back healthy."
You will sit out the 2011 season, continue working out, getting to know the offense, and next year in 2012 you will start putting the pads on, lasing up the cleats...
"Yeah. I'm really looking forward to that because football is basically my life. I miss it a lot. Whenever I do get back out there, it will be a good day for me."
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