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FSU commit visits Auburn

Keldric Faulk is committed to Florida State, but Auburn isn't ready to throw in the towel.

The Tigers are still in consistent contact with the 4-star edge out of Highland Home, Ala., who's one of Auburn's top targets the 2023 class. It resulted in a surprise visit from Faulk to Auburn's Saturday game against San Jose State.

"I still got good relationships with all these people up here," Faulk said. "They told me my recruitment wasn’t over. They’re gonna still keep contacting me and I just came down here to check it out."

Keldric Faulk visited Auburn for the San Jose State game Saturday.
Keldric Faulk visited Auburn for the San Jose State game Saturday. (Caleb Jones |

Auburn's defense allowed one touchdown in the win and while Faulk was there, he liked what he saw.

"It was great to get back down here and see some good football," Faulk said. "I left a little early, but what I saw — it was pretty good."

Even with his committment to Florida State in July, Auburn edge linebackers coach Roc Bellantoni continues to recruit him. Bellantoni texts or calls him once or twice a week, making it a point of emphasis that Auburn wants him — he's near the top of the board for the Tigers.

That's an important factor to him.

"They really want me to be part of their program," Faulk said of Auburn. "I’ve always told people I want to go where I’ve been wanted. I’ve been wanted at these two schools the most — Auburn and Florida State — I’ve been keeping an open mind and just going through the process as slow as I can."

Faulk says he will likely making another visit to Auburn before the season is over, either for the LSU game Oct. 1 or the Arkansas game Oct. 29.

Meanwhile, a trip or two to Florida State is also in order, with the Clemson game Oct. 15 and the Florida game Nov. 25. serving as viable options.

Until Faulk signs with Florida State, the Tigers are gonna battle.

"[Bellantoni] said he’s not gonna give up on me just yet," Faulk said.