Fresh start for QBs entering spring practice

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When Auburn begins spring practice later this month, offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee will only have two quarterbacks to rotate through in junior Kiehl Frazier and sophomore Jonathan Wallace. The demands will be high for the two signal callers considering the fast-paced offense the Tigers are installing.
Wallace threw for 720 yards, four touchdowns and four interceptions between back-up duty and a starter role. Frazier began the season as the starter, but ultimately lost the position to Clint Moseley, who is no longer with the team. Frazier threw for 753 yards, two touchdowns and eight interceptions.
Lashlee talks about the quarterback position entering the spring, and talks about where he sees Frazier's attitude and confidence at entering spring ball.
ON THE QUARTERBACK POSITION ENTERING SPRING: It's going to be fun. There will be two guys that will get a lot of opportunities this spring, they need to look at that as a great opportunity for them. The other three guys will come in and get every opportunity to, but it will be sped up. There's going to be more urgency to it. First impressions will be big. It won't be indicative of their entire stay here, but for this first season, it will say a lot. We play fast, they will be a lot of reps, a lot of opportunities.
ON NOT PREJUDGING QUARTERBACKS AND ALLOWING THEM BLANK SLATES ENTERING SPRING: I mean this -- it may sound like coach talk -- I want to give them a fresh start. The first day is day one, I don't care what happened. It doesn't matter to me and this team moving forward. In their minds, there's some things psychologically - I have fifteen days to coach them on that. We have fifteen days to get them better, learn the system, executing on our level and them to learn me as a coach and us build that relationship. I look at it as a fresh, new start, fifteen days to find out what is our ceiling, how high can we go with these guys. I don't have a set plan based on what happened. We're going to out and install it like we always would, it's fresh to them, it's brand new to Jonathan, it's going to seem brand new to Kiehl after a major difference of what was done last year. We're going to get after it and let the chips fall where they may.
ON FRAZIER'S MENTAL STATUS AND CONFIDENCE LEVEL AFTER THE 2012 SEASON: From talking to people around here, they've noticed a difference. There's some people that recruited you, people you're familiar with. Believe it or not -- Coach Malzahn left my junior year in high school. I know what it's like when a coach leaves and now you're going, who will they bring in? Will it fit me or will it not fit me? My high school, we ended up hiring, who had been my junior high coach and Coach Malzahn's assistant, as my head coach. That was great relief because I had familiarity. I felt confident, I knew I could trust that guy, offensively we were going to do things I feel comfortable doing, that was a big plus. It's no different for Kiehl, and really even Jonathan who we recruited by us here and at Arkansas State, there's familiarity, and where there's familiarity, there's trust. That's a big ice breaker that's already out the window with those guys.
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