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Football complex funds coming together

Athletic director Allen Greene says a new football complex is a "must-have" facility.
Athletic director Allen Greene says a new football complex is a "must-have" facility. (Todd Van Emst/Auburn athletics)

TUSCALOOSA | Allen Greene has been meeting with Auburn supporters from coast to coast during the past three months in an effort to generate support for a new football complex.

He's encouraged by the feedback — and everyone's willingness to donate.

Greene, who spoke at a West Alabama Auburn Club event Wednesday night, said the athletic department is close to taking the project before the Board of Trustees for approval.

"It's a project that we all know we need at some point," Greene said. "We have a number of members of the Auburn family who are stepping up and contributing. We have a board meeting coming up here soon; I’d love to push the ball further along at that point."

The project's cost is estimated at approximately $60 million. Greene said during a February interview with that he wouldn't bring the project before the Board until the department had raised at least half of the necessary funding. Greene on Wednesday declined to comment on exactly how much money has been pledged, but said he's energized by supporters' generosity.

"The Auburn family has responded to our request. They understand the importance of what we're asking here," Greene said. "University administration understands the importance as well. The Board has asked for more information as far as how our project compares to our peers. I’m in the process of getting them that information. We'll go from there."

Auburn's current complex was completed during the summer of 1989 and has been remodeled extensively during the past 15 years. However, most observers believe the current complex now trails most SEC rivals in terms of technology, amenities and useful space. In fact, the football program generally fetes prospects at the newly constructed recruiting lounge at Jordan-Hare Stadium — because it has the modern, upscale feel that prospects experience elsewhere.

The complex often is bypassed completely.

"We feel confident in what we're planning to do with this (new) facility," Greene said. "It'll move the program forward."