Extensive evaluations ahead for Chizik

AUBURN -- Following a 38-0 loss to Georgia, Gene Chizik said Sunday that he's very disappointed in his team's performance.
Auburn has lost its seven Southeastern Conference games by an average of 20 points this season. Only of those losses were within two touchdowns, demonstrating clearly that the Tigers are in need of major adjustments.
"I just think that you have to really look under the hood of the car. We got a car that's not running very well right now. I think you got to look under the hood of the car and you've got to figure out where the problems are under the hood and that's going to become a very extensive evaluation starting with a lot of different areas," Chizik said.
Some wonder if the evaluation of this season begins with the head coach, but Chizik said Sunday that his focus remains solely on the next game.
Speculation, he said, isn't part of his job.
"That's not what I come to work every day and consider," Chizik said. "I'm the head football coach at Auburn. I've got a great responsibility. That's where I am. I don't worry about what the next day holds, unless it pertains to us winning a game. That's how I think."
Auburn's defense was of particular concern Sunday. The Bulldogs rushed for 289 yards and managed to average 7.4 yards per play despite playing conservatively after halftime.
Still, Georgia converted 24 first downs.
Defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder statements said after the game that his defense lacks the 'size, strength or power' to repel SEC offenses. Chizik admitted "there’s some positions that we feel like we need to upgrade in terms of productivity."
Despite the dismal season, Chizik said little has changed in terms of how Auburn prepares for each season and each opponent.
"We've had three bowl wins and we've had 30 wins in three years and we've had all those things that you already know," he said. "I'm not trying to read a resume. I'm just trying to tell you the facts. Coordinators have changed, players have changed, positions have changed. Is that an excuse? No. That's just the facts."