Big Cat Quotebook IV

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Approximately 25 of Auburn's top targets in the 2013 recruiting class were on the Plains Saturday for Big Cat Weekend IV. Here is what several of the prospects had to say about their experience at Auburn.
ATH Lemond Johnson, Cooper City, Fla.
"We had a lot of fun. It's really different. I've never been to a place where everyone is having fun, everyone treated us like family. The coaches were nice, they obviously help us while we're out here. They were sitting with us while we ate, they mingled with us the whole time we were here. They are recruiting me at safety and they want me at a lot of positions, they can play me at nickel, corner, and I could do a lot to help them on the field. They like me as a leader.
"Auburn is in my top after today, they gave me a lot more information. LSU, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Duke, lot of other schools still in the mix. I'd say schools that really tried to recruit me hard like UCF, Boston College, really hard after me are up there.
"I went to a number of places, Oklahoma State, but that wasn't really my thing.
"Coach (Willie) Martinez is a really nice guy. As soon as I met him he was straight up with me and he keeps it real. After this summer I'm going to go home with my family and narrow it down and see where things are before this season or by the first two games of the season I'll know where I'm going to go."
RB Ryan Green, St. Petersburg, Fla.
"It was a great visit, it wasn't what I expected. It's really unique, this is the only school that does Big Cat. It's a great atmosphere. All the coaches are like a big family, I like that. The team is awesome. It was good being around the other commits, I asked why they committed and they told me why, those are some of the reasons I'm looking for.
"They want to get me in space if I come to Auburn. They know what I can do in space. They said they are really interested and I'm one of the few guys. Auburn is definitely in the top three after this weekend, I saw what they had to offer. My top three would be Florida State, Clemson, and Auburn. (Green's father told later Saturday night that Ryan had not narrowed his list down and did not have a specific top three.)
"I have to feel comfortable athletically, academically, and socially. Somewhere I can feel at home. I got that feeling with Auburn. I'll be back on June 14th for camp.
"(In terms of a decision) Whenever I know, that's when I'll make my commitment. It could be tomorrow, it could be signing day. I honestly have no idea at this point. The last thing I want to do is commit and de-commit, that's not the right thing to do.
"Coach (Curtis) Luper is a great guy and not just about football. He wants to develop you into a great man."
ATH 2014 Ronnie Clark, Calera, Ala.
"It went good. It was nice and I liked playing the games. We had fun. I brought my mother, dad and cousin. It was nice that they know if I come here I'm in good hands. They liked it. It's a good thing that they started here at Big Cat. The water balloon fight was the best part, I came in first. My dad threw some at me and I got him back.
"I saw the Jackson guy committed. It made me think, but I'll wait. I think if they wanted to commit it's a good thing. It's a good place and they surround themselves with good people."
"I'm still thinking right now, I like it here, I just have to wait. I will probably wait until my junior year after these camps. I'm visiting Auburn, Vanderbilt, Alabama, and Clemson for camps. I had the feeling I might commit, but I decided to wait. I had that feeling like this could be my next home. It's a great place and I like being here around the coaches, they are easy to talk to, outgoing. Auburn is still my number one.
"They are recruiting me as safety and receiver. This summer I'm going to see what they want me to do. I can do both real good, whichever they want me at."
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