AuburnSports.coms Football Pickem has added to its panel of participants for its annual College Pick'em contest. The panel now includes Auburn beat writers as well as three former Tiger players. Former quarterback Ben Leard, former offensive lineman Joe Cope and former receiver Brad Smith will make their picks each week and include their prediction and thoughts on Auburn's upcoming game.
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What They Think: Auburn at LSU
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Ben Leard: LSU 34-13.
It pains me to make a prediction this one-sided, especially with Auburn being on the losing end of the stick. There are a ton of question marks surrounding our Tigers following the last two weeks. Unfortunately, traveling to Death Valley for a night game against the Bayou Bengals is not a way to remedy anything. Although LSU has its own shortcomings, I believe that there will be one play that goes against Auburn, the crowd will ignite, and the wheels will fall off soon after. But, we all know that Les Miles is not the "sharpest knife in the drawer" and his indecisiveness could cost them dearly. I will say this, if Jordan Jefferson is throwing the ball often then Auburn is definitely in the game. Because if LSU is stubborn enough to go away from giving the ball to Charles Scott every snap then they are opening themselves up for disaster. Even though I do not expect our Tigers to come away victorious, I will still be watching every snap as if I am on the field with a cigar close by in hopes of a repeat of the 1999 visit we had to "Red Stick" in which an outmanned, undersized, and weak Auburn team hit LSU in the mouth with a 41-7 victory in Death Valley. If I am wrong I will gladly take all of this prognosticating and as the old saying goes..."stick it in my pipe and smoke it"!!! WAR EAGLE!!!
Brad Smith: Auburn 27-23.
Auburn gets the wheels back on in Baton Rouge. Todd gets back in rhythm and the defense forces some turnovers to get it done.
Rachel Morand: Auburn 30-24.
I'll never forget the "I hope you die on your way back to Auburn" comment some Corn Dog yelled at my friends and me when we were down in that awful place in 2007. That's how mad those fans get when their team wins. Glad I won't be there this year to see how they react when they lose.
Luke Brietzke: LSU 31-20.
Charles Scott rushes for a pair of touchdowns and Auburn drops its third straight game.
Jeffrey Lee: LSU 37-27.
Auburn hasn't won in Baton Rouge in 10 years. Make it 11. The Tigers look improved, but that's not hard to do considering their performances the last two weeks.
Andrew Gribble: LSU 34-24.
Death Valley isn't the most desirable locale to stop a losing streak.
Jay Tate: Auburn 24-21.
With Harry Adams gone, the team needs a defensive back. Don't you think Tristan Davis would have made a great cornerback? I mean, he didn't need to work on his ball-carrying skills. He already was awesome there. Maybe pulling double-duty would have earned him the Heisman Trophy he probably deserved. Oh, Auburn will be better this week.
Charles Goldberg: LSU 24-21.
Auburn will win if it can keep LSU at the bottom of the SEC offensive charts. Otherwise, it could be another tough-luck loss in Baton Rouge.
Evan Woodbery: LSU 30-20.
A week ago, I was planning to pick Auburn because LSU has so many vulnerabilities. I still wouldn't be stunned by an upset, but Auburn has too many questions to pick the Tigers to win in a tough road environment.
Mark Johnson: LSU 20-10.
It's increasingly difficult to figure out this Auburn team, but this game looks pretty simple: Auburn is on the road and must try to slow down a powerful running attack and find a way to score against a tougher-than-advertised defense. It's too much to ask.
Bryan Matthews: LSU 31-17.
LSU is the most talented team Auburn has faced this season and has two weeks to prepare. AU has lost four straight games at Tiger Stadium. I expect LSU to try and run right at AU's defense. Nothing I've seen this season makes me believe AU can stop them.
Mike Szvetitz: LSU 24-17.
Until Auburn's run defense proves it can stop someone, it's hard to pick them. Add LSU's Charles Scott to the mix, and it could be a long day for the Tigers' D.
Bill Cameron: LSU 24-16.
LSU got something last week Auburn desperately needed - an open date. While LSU has struggled all season offensively, Auburn must bounce back to its early season form to have a chance Saturday night. This series has had some great games with wild finishes, so don't be surprised if this is another.
Andy Bitter: LSU 26-20.
Another close one (what else would you expect in this series?). Charles Scott finally gets going and there's nothing Auburn's run defense can do to stop him.
Joe Cope: LSU 24-17.
I feel LSU takes advantage of a penalty-prone Auburn 'O' that leaves Auburn's thin 'D' with a short field. I hope I'm wrong and we come out with a win. I'll be there so I'll see first-hand.
Mr. Quarter: LSU 42-0.
This Auburn team is starting to look a lot like the one from a year ago. The wheels fell off against LSU then, and will do so again this year. Corn Dogs are 50-cents at Sonic on Game Day. I've got a picture to prove it.
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