Auburn Source: Reddick denied GA job at Auburn

Former Auburn offensive lineman Troy Reddick applied for a graduate assistant position last year at Auburn and was turned down, University sources confirmed to
Reddick is one of four former Tigers that will allege tonight on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that they received cash and improper benefits while playing at Auburn.
The show, "State of Big-Time College Sports" will air Wednesday at 8 p.m. CT. has obtained and viewed a copy of the show.
Reddick, Stanley McClover, Chaz Ramsey and Raven Gray all claim to have received money while at Auburn.
Notes regarding the allegations compiled by
- The show opens with a segment on former Alabama player Tyrone Prothro, how he didn't "receive a dime....a penny" while at Alabama. Prothro is now a bank teller at Regions, which is located in the shadows of Bryant-Denny Stadium.
- Prothro is the only player from Alabama whose interview made the final cut.
- None of the four former players (Reddick, McClover, Ramsey and Gray) name any former Auburn coaches or boosters by name.
- McClover claims to have received a $500 handshake from an LSU booster while at an all-star camp before Signing Day. McClover said the booster said he "would love to have him at LSU".
- McClover claims to have also received "money handshakes" from boosters at Auburn, Ohio State and Michigan State.
- McClover claims while on an official visit to Ohio State he was told to choose a girl and the girl would do what he wanted (sexually). McClover says he took them up on the offer.
"We went to a party and they told me to pick any girl I wanted," says McClover.
- HBO's Andrea Kremer, who interviewed McClover, asked him if the girl offered "sexual services" and McClover says "yes". Kramer asked if he took the girl up on the offer and he says "yes".
- McClover committed to Ohio State after the visit, but then claims he was contacted by "individuals affiliated with another school....Auburn".
"I remember it like it was yesterday. 'What do we have to do to have you come to Auburn University?' And I gave them an answer," McClover says.
- Kremer says that McClover's answer was "money...a lot of it...and that he got it delivered in a book bag...exact amount unknown."
- McClover says that he felt obligated to sign with Auburn because of the money.
- "There are no documentation, receipts, letters or emails proving he got the money," Kremer says.
- While at Auburn, McClover claims to have gone "to a booster that I knew" and asked for $7,000 to buy a car. The money, according to McClover, was delivered to him the following day in a book bag.
- McClover claims he was paid "anywhere between $300-$400" for each sack at Auburn, and $1,000 for each sack against Alabama.
"I got $4,000 against Alabama," McClover says.
- Reddick claims to have been contacted during his senior year of high school by a "representative of a local alumni and offered a large sum of money (to sign with Auburn)."
- Reddick says he did not accept the money saying he felt like people were trying to take advantage of him and "I can't give anybody any kind of power over me ever".
- According to Kremer, Reddick says he grew unhappy at Auburn because the "coaches wanted him to change his major because his class schedule got in the way of football practice."
"I changed my major so my classes didn't interfere no more, but I didn't bother to go because I knew I was there only to play football. So I started complaining and by complaining and insinuating that I was ready to leave they had to do something about that."
- Reddick says one of the former Auburn coaches approached him after a team meeting.
"He told me he had some mail for me up in my office. I followed him up to his office and he gave me an envelope. I didn't open it then. I walked out to my truck and saw that it was about $500."
- Reddick claims that he received money "over that season it happened like 2 or 3 more times, and it happened about 6 or 7 times my senior year."
"I think me worrying got back to the alumni from my hometown or it may have been the coaches or the staff, but everybody knew I did not want to be there."
- According to Ramsey, he received money while at Auburn.
"After a game, you walk out and all of the fans are waiting for you to sign autographs...and someone gives you a wad of money...$300 or $400 a game".
- Ramsey says he sold "tickets all of the time...The Iron Bowl got me $5,000 or $6,000".
- Ramsey recently had his lawsuit against former Auburn coach Hugh Nall and trainer Arnold Gamber thrown out of court.
- Reddick claims he sold his SEC Championship watch "right off the stage as we were celebrating at Toomer's Corner because it was useless to me".
- Gray claims he received "close to $2,500-$3,000" from an Auburn rep while at junior college to go to Auburn.
- Gray grew up an Auburn fan, signed with Auburn out of high school, but that was not mentioned in the segment; only that he was paid by an Auburn rep during his two years of junior college and it was then he felt "obligated" to go to Auburn.
- McClover is 26, has a young daughter to support and is unemployed.
"The decision that I made is hurting me right now. Now I gotta try and find a career. Now I gotta try and educate myself so I can talk to people. I'm not proud of what I did and I have destroyed my life."
He never says what "decision" that is.
- Auburn is the only college with former players talking about receiving improper benefits. No other college had former players talking about receiving money before or after signing a scholarship out of high school.
- Regarding McClover's claims to have gone "to a booster that I knew" and asked for $7,000 to buy a car while at Auburn, Junior Rosegreen, a former high school and college teammate of McClover, said, "Stanley bought that car with his Pell Grant money. I know that for a fact. I was there when he did it."
- Rosegreen reiterated Wednesday what he said earlier this month in an interview with
"Stanley is bitter with everybody because he blew $1.2 million at the strip club. He went to the strip club three times a week. He was making it rain with 20-, 10-, 5- and 1-dollar bills and now he's broke. He shouldn't get mad at Coach (Tommy) Tuberville, Coach (Eddie) Gran and the Auburn Family because he blew his money."
- Rosegreen on whether or not HBO compensated McClover for the interview:
"He called me after (HBO) first contacted him and left a message. I then called him back and he told me that Auburn screwed him over and didn't do anything for him. He said he was going to bash them. He said he was going to put something out there saying they paid him. I said, 'What are you going to put out there on them?' He said, 'I'm going to put it out there that they paid me.' I said, 'Stanley, you know they didn't pay you.' He said, 'Well, I'm going to put it out there anyways.'
"HBO gave him $20,000. He told (Dillard) Coach Herman Lovett that HBO paid him $20,000 for the interview."
HBO continues to deny that it compensates anyone for interviews. Lovett could not be reached for comment.
- Jonathan Palmer, a former teammate of Reddick, addressed Reddick's allegations:
"To my knowledge, he didn't receive anything. If he did, I didn't know about it. I didn't receive anything. I was just there to get a degree and play football. I didn't receive any money. I just got a scholarship and that was it.
"As far as I know, no one received any money. I do think that some money should be allocated for the players, but I didn't receive any of it or any money at all."
- Rosegreen on Reddick:
"He was the most uncoachable player on the team. They gave him a scholarship and weren't getting anything in return. Why would they pay him anything else? The answer is simple: They didn't.
"They didn't pay Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams, Carlos Rogers…me, nobody. And he wants us to believe that they paid him? Give me a damn break. He's full of [crap]. All four of them are."
- Marcus McNeill, also a former teammate of Reddick, on Reddick's allegations:
"I know Troy personally and I have heard a lot of allegations, but what makes me so upset about everything is the time I talked to Troy about everything, the way the interview went down was kind of flawed to me. The interview was supposed to be about something else. It was like they tricked him into it.
"He didn't receive any money at Auburn, not that I know of. And I don't know why he would say he did."
- HBO did not mention any of the other allegations made by McClover that his former high school coach and several former teammates, both high school and college, shot down March 6 in a story published by
- No Auburn alumni or former coach were mentioned by name in the HBO segment.