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See link for 35mmtiger's collection of Auburn pictures

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Link: "Auburn Ammo"

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Originally posted by hobsiscool:
Guys, my wife says I'm officially obsessed with AU...tis probably true, but I figured I'd use this as a time to show off some of my goods from years past, and much of it from this past season. What say you Bunker, am I obsessed?

1 This one got blurry...NC banner
2 Signed helmets from this year, Chizik autograph and Coke cans and bottles from this year, the bottom picture if one my dad drew for me a few years back.
3 The 3 SI's Cam was on for AU, I have the one prior to the draft, just haven't got it framed yet. Also, my IB 4peat drawing
4 My Cam Autographed jersey
5 Cam drawing my dad did, and a signed Tuberville photo, from his last year
6 This years NC poster, and two drawings my dad did...the Iron Bowl photo is personally signed by Antoine Carter

I've got so much more I haven't got a chance (or place) to put up yet...waiting for the day when I can build my house and my man cave....what do y'all think?

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For those interested, here is what Auburn fans know that you don't and why we are vocal here regarding the Cam Newton saga. The fact of the matter is Alabama operates like a redneck mafia and actively tries to set teams up in the conference and they have pretty much always followed the same MO from day one. Case in point, is the now long forgotten case of Mr. Don Fuell, which has some startling parallels with the Cam Newton saga. Many Auburn fans feel that were unjustly put on probation with that 1957 case, the year the school won its first national title. Here is a short synopsis/article of what happened and the controversy surrounding the case which pitted the SEC versus the NCAA in terms of their separate investigations in the case. Needless to say, the NCAA won and the rest is history.

St. Petersburg Times

Wednesday, April 23, 1958

Angry Auburn Hits NCAA Conviction

Blames Sister School ‘bama For Latest Ban

By Donald F. Martin (United Press Sports Writer)

Auburn, Ala. ? Auburn charged yesterday the NCAA “convicted” it of giving illegal aid to a quarterback although the Southeastern Conference exonerated the school and three alleged witnesses refuted their evidence.

In a bitter letting down of their hair, two top officials of the nation’s major undefeated football power of 1957 also said rival Alabama initiated a new action against Auburn . It resulted in a second NCAA probation that will run to a record six-year bowl banishment for the proud Plainsmen.

And more trouble could still be in store for Auburn . SEC Commissioner Bernie Moore said the Conference Executive Committee would consider Auburn ’s status “in light of evidence presented in New Orleans .” This evidence has not been made public by the NCAA itself. Moore said in a meeting of the committee would be called as soon as it can be arranged to hear the evidence and “we’ll go from there.” Auburn also urged an early meeting of the committee to present its side.

Quarterback Speaks

The central figure of the case, 19-year old sophomore quarterback for 1958, Don Fuell, said other schools had offered him several thousand dollars but Auburn offered him only “a college education if I passed my grades, didn’t get into any trouble and tried real hard.”

Auburn President Ralph Draughon and Athletic Director Jeff beard talked with reporters and “let the ball bounce” by releasing reams of documents on the controversial case of Don Fuell, who will be a sophomore quarterback next fall. Auburn head Coach Ralph (Shug) Jordan was not present.

The statements and documents purported to show:

1.) That then Alabama head Coach J.B. (Ears) Whitworth asked SEC Commissioner Bernie Moore to investigate Auburn ’s recruiting of Fuell in December, 1956.

2.) That Moore in a letter to the NCAA gave Auburn a clean bill and accused a former Alabama assistant and an alumnus of Oklahoma A&M ? where Whitworth was former coach ? of making unsubstantiated charges against Auburn with “ulterior” motives.

3.) That the two men named by Moore, plus a third alleged “informant” ? Fuell’s father-in-law, advised the NCAA just before this week’s disciplinarian meeting in New Orleans that they were misquoted and misconstrued and wanted no part in the case.

4.) That Fuell, a widely sought prospect from Guntersville , Ala , was interviewed by a mysterious private detective who asked him how much “under the table” money it would take to induce him to switch to another school.

5.) That the same detective, masquerading as a salesman, gained entrance to Fuell’s apartment to investigate his standard of living.

6.) That the NCAA accused Auburn of giving Fuell a contract that called for providing him with an air conditioner for his home, a $1,700 motorboat and a new car or $2,200 cash his sophomore year.

7.) That Fuell has an air conditioner and did have a motorboat but that the financing was arranged by his father. The motorboat was sold at a loss because Fuell was unable to keep up the payments out of his savings from a summer job and an allowance from his father. An operation made necessary on his son by a malformation at birth was a financial factor, the documents showed.

“We are deeply hurt and deeply concerned by the action fo the National Collegiate Athletic Association,” said President Draughon. It is inconceivable that the NCAA convicted us on the evidence we presented. If there is any other evidence neither Beard nor I know about it.”

Beard said that Auburn does not plan an appeal. “An appeal must be accompanied by additional evidence and we do not see that any more is needed or that we possibly could get any more.” Beard added.

Deny Involvement

Other Southern colleges drawn into the boiling controversy quickly denied any involvement.

Dr. Frank A. Rose, president of the University of Alabama , “deplores the fact that its name has been dragged into the present controversy with the athletics of Alabama Polytechnic Institute ( Auburn ’s formal name).” “The University has taken no initiative in the investigation of this case.”

Beard presented a letter from SEC Commissioner Moore to the NCAA saying that Howard (Moose) Johnson, ex-Alabama assistant, and C.V. Richardson, alumnus of Oklahoma A&M touched off the case by alleging that Auburn gave Fuell a luxury contract.

There was “not enough evidence to substantiate the allegations against the boy or Auburn .” Moore wrote. “I am definitely of the opinion that Richardson and Johnson’s actions stem from ulterior motives and not from their interest in the good of intercollegiate athletics. Both men are guilty of violating rules and ethics by offering visits and bribes.”

Moore in Birmingham acknowledged he wrote the letter.

The gumshoeing with counter spy overtones was allegedly done by Dayton C. Hahs of Memphis , a detective hired through the Pinkerton agency. Fuell said in a statement issued through Auburn that Hahs visited him at Guntersville lat summer and asked him what he would need to switch to another school. Auburn officials said they identified Hahs by hiring detectives of their own who took a statement from him at the Memphis police station. In this statement Hahs was said to have admitted he offered Fuell $350 a month to switch schools.

Then, the detective was quoted, he went back to Memphis to report on the Pinkertons and later went to Tuscaloosa , site of the Univeristy, to report to then Alabama Assistant Coach James (Bubber) Nisbet. Still later, the statement said, Hahs went to Auburn to take pictures in Fuell’s apartment.

“No Comment”

In Memphis , Hahs said he had been hired as an investigator in the Auburn case but “I have no comment to make on my past job.” He added he just “happened” to be in the Memphis Police Station when he was reached to give a statement.

Nisbet, former Alabama backfield star who works for the University Extension Service but is no longer in the Athletic Department, said he didn’t know Hahs. He denied that Alabama had ever contacted a detective agency.

Beard said “I cannot and will not offer an opinion as to whether Alabama hired the detective. But he said Fuell received threatening phone calls before he enrolled at Auburn and for that reason was advised to come to the campus early last fall.

The third person said to have seen the air conditioner ? motor boat ? auto contract was identified by Auburn as Carl H (Cotton) Lay, Fuell’s father-in-law. Presented was a sworn, notarized statement by Lay saying he had been the victim of “rumors” connecting him with the case.

According to Auburn , the NCAA’s charges which were not detailed at this week’s New Orleans meeting alleged Richardson and Johnson said they saw the contract on July 27. 1957.


The parallels are simply amazing... between 1957 and 2010.

First of all, the rumor of Cam Newton's recruitment was started by an Alabama graduate assistant Jody Wright. The Don Fuell case was initiated by an Alabama's HC JB "Ears" Whitworth. He had coached at Oklahoma State up until 1954 and had close ties to all the OSU boosters, including a certain C.V. Rishardson. Here's the beauty of it all, with Don Fuell a private detective by the name of Dayton C. Hahs of Memphis was hired to investigate Auburn independently of the NCAA. According to Hahs he reported directly to Alabama assistant James (Bubber) Nisbet on his findings. As the investigation unfolded the then SEC commissioner Bernie Moore flatly stated that Alabama's coaches had ulterior motives in their allegations against Fuell and the SEC cleared Auburn of all wrong doing. In fact, the SEC commissioner wrote at the time, "I am definitely of the opinion that Richardson and Johnson's action stem from ulterior motives and not from their interest in the good of intercollegiate college athletics. Both men are guilty of rules and ethics by offering visits and bribes." So Auburn went on probation over Don Fuell despite the fact the then SEC commissioner flat out stated openly that a booster from Oklahoma A&M and and ex-assistant Alabama coach conspired to besmirch the reputation of a college athlete.

Now, flash forward to the allegations regarding Cam Newton. Mississippi State amazingly never reported their conversations of a pay-for-play deal to the SEC, despite it being common knowledge apparently. Once again, you have a case where the conference refutes the claims of an Alabama staff member who led with the allegations against Auburn and leaked the report to the press.

So who were Johnson and Richardson exactly? Like Jody Wright in the case of Cam Newton, in the case of Done Fuell Alabama assistant coaches were directly involved in leading the allegations against Auburn and they did so primarily with talking to boosters of schools that illegally recruited the player in question. Richardson was, not unlike the the now infamous Bill Bell, an alumnus and booster at Oklahoma State who attempted to persuade Don Fuell to go to his school. Richardson, Whitworth, and Johnson had a prior relationship, much like Jody Wright, Bill Bell, and Kenny Rogers had a prior relationship in the Cam Newton case. In the case of Don Fuell, the private investigator, admitted that he was paid to offer bribes to get Don Fuell to swing his commitment away from Auburn, likely to Oklahoma A&M or Alabama. He also admitted that he reported directly to another Alabama assistant in James "Bubber" Nisbet, who was closely associated with Johnson and Whitworth.

In both cases, the SEC admitted that the allegations were improperly reported or not reported at all. In both cases, Alabama assistant coaches colluded with boosters from other schools in order to attempt to put Auburn on probation or sabotage its recruiting. In both cases, SEC admitted that boosters from other schools not Auburn attempted to persuade the players commit or change their commitment via cash payments. In both cases, we have scenarios where an Alabama assistant coach had worked at a school where a third party verified that a booster had sought to induce the player in question to come to that school through cash bribes. In the first case, it was Oklahoma St and in the second it was Mississippi State. In both cases, nothing has ever been proven. There was not one shred of evidence that either Don Fuell or Cam Newton received improper inducements to attend Auburn, only that other schools had illegally recruited them through cash bribes. In both cases, you have boosters of other schools who ADMITTED TO TRYING TO BRIBE A PLAYER ON THE RECORD claimed that the father of the recruit attempted to broker a pay-for-play deal for Auburn and working closely with Alabama assistant coaches to put Auburn on probation. In both cases, the fathers and recruits deny all wrong doing and have stated flatly on the record that they received nothing from Auburn and that the only illegal inducements that were offered were from other schools. In both cases, the year appears to have an unstoppable juggernaut and is on its way to an NC, Alabama assistant coaches/staff members collude with boosters from rival schools to destroy Auburn's reputation, sully its season, and place Auburn on probation.

Now you know why Auburn fans come here and raise such holy hell about Cam Newton. We've seen this dog and pony show before. Alabama is the dirtiest, most rotten to the core school in the SEC and the country. They will do anything to win and if that means destroying somebody's life in the process, they have no hesitation about doing so.

Finally, Coach Chizik asks the question at the 2:26 mark. Is there a wizard behind the curtain? I don't know... Is there one, is there two...is there ten? I don't know"

So... GFYS Alabama (1), Mississippi State (2), LSU (3) for your ridiculous Tigerdroppings rants and Florida (10) (for leaking federally protected information to the press) and being the pathetic POS backstabbing universities that you are. We are SEC and NCAA Champions and hopefully you will get exactly what you deserve in the very near future.

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Double Facepalm

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testy icicles

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