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The original forum changes signaled the end of Braves talk. I am glad we got the new AU football & recruiting board, but the only time this board hasn't been relatively dead was when we got swept by the Rockies.

I wish there was a way to get Braves fans back on this forum. Suggestions? Penz, maybe u could get MAC 2 agree 2 do a weekly chat using your account. J/K.

Posted on 8/31 7:34 PM | IP: Logged

Lol. It is pretty bad. I think a lot of it has to do with football starting.

That's what I kept saying about braves posts on bunker. But none of the dumbass complainers wanted to hear it.

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Posted on 8/31 7:46 PM | IP: Logged

...and why is it ok 2 clutter the Bunker w/ random, dorky non-sports related topics, but the Braves aren't ok? Rivals is a sports website, last time I checked.

Posted on 8/31 7:59 PM | IP: Logged

Man the drill never wins the NAPA tool race.

Posted on 8/31 8:04 PM | IP: Logged

Not sure what that means.

Posted on 8/31 8:06 PM | IP: Logged

It's Turner Field's version of the Sausage race (Brewers) and the President's race (Nationals) that takes place in center field.

The drill always gets knocked down, and when the game is on PTV you can watch it between innings. Favorite part of no commercials

Posted on 8/31 8:36 PM | IP: Logged

ahhh... I know what you're talkin bout now. Yea, I've been 2 one game this year & thought that was pretty damn funny.

Posted on 8/31 8:47 PM | IP: Logged

I say we go rebel on them and start our own Braves thread on the bunker for the next game. I understand about folks posting multiple threads about a homer being hit, but if we keep it all in one thread, what would that hurt?I mean seriously. Like 79 said, why are we exiled and they let shit way worse than a pro baseball thread go all day. Hell, how many posts a day do we have to sort through talking about bammer or TIGER and his BS or links to the Main Board? And it wasn't like it was a majority of the people were complaining about Braves fans. It was just a few. I guess one or two must have some dirt on somebody. WHO'S WITH ME?!!!!! lol

Posted on 8/31 9:33 PM | IP: Logged

You bring up a good point. In Jeff's post on the new forum changes, he gave us the option of keeping this forum or doing away w/ it. What happens if we decide 2 do away w/ it & ask if we can post on the Bunker again. I guess that would mostly depend on whether the same people would complain now that all the AU fball & recruiting info is easily accessible.

I personally don't think this board will ever be worth a sh#t, so it might be worth a try.

Posted on 8/31 9:51 PM | IP: Logged

I'm with you. Seriously. We pay 100 bucks a year just like all the complainers do and we pay the same as TIGER and the rest of the bammers who troll the bunker plus we are all AU family. Why do the cry babies get to dictate where we have to post. The other day Dan had a braves post over there and there were 3... 3 that cried about it. All three had less than 18 month membership and less than 200 posts. I am not saying anything is wrong with that, but why do they get to control someone who has been here longer and use it more often. Hell, one guy was like 12 months and 9 posts. Really? A guy with 9 posts over rules us?

If we keep it in one thread, they can scroll past it or go to hell. That is just how I feel. We should go to Jeff with this deal and tell him to trash this board and we'll keep the Braves talk in one thread for games. Cause as of right now it chaps my ass that I have been here this long and I have to go to a whole other board to post/read Braves info and TIGER gets the run of the mill. The whole point was to minimize folks scrolling through different pages, It was said to be an inconvenience. Well having to go from board to board like we are right now sucks pretty freaking bad. What happens on saturdays when AU ans ATL play at the same time and we want to discuss both. We would have to go to the bunker for the official AU game thread and back over here for ATL. But if we had official threads for both, it would be a lot easier and would only be 2 threads. If the idiots can't handle one braves thread on the bunker then to hell with it. That's my rant. lol

This post was edited on 8/31 10:16 PM by x-iceman-x

Posted on 8/31 10:14 PM | IP: Logged

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