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Signing Day preview: Decision times, recent updates, predictions

George Pickens will make his final decision Wednesday.
George Pickens will make his final decision Wednesday. (

AUBURN — Auburn's 2019 recruiting class is days away from (near) completion.

The Tigers signed 16 prospects during the early signing period in January. Nine of those signees have enrolled on campus for the spring semester.

A source told on Monday the Tigers feel good about the 2019 class number getting to 25 signees on National Signing Day on Wednesday. The Tigers are able to reach 26 signatures, but they plan to leave one spot open for any potential grad transfer addition between now and August. That 25 total includes Arizona State grad transfer Jay Jay Wilson.

All that said, Auburn could be in play for eight new signatures by Wednesday.

Those eight signatures could come from any combination the following prospects: Jamious Griffin, LeDarrius Cox, Maurice Hampton, Mark-Antony Richards, Kamaar Bell, Jammie Robinson, George Pickens, Kameron Brown, Ira Henry, Octavius Brothers, Charles Moore and John Rhys Plumlee.

Each prospect's Wednesday decision times are listed below — as are the latest in each recruitment and my predictions.

Announcement time: 8 a.m. CT

The latest: A source close to Griffin told last week Auburn faded fast in this recruitment. The Tigers didn't communicate much with Griffin after his official visit to the Plains in January. That was a combination of feeling confident in landing Mark-Antony Richards and not wanting to deter Richards from Auburn because of its recruitment of another back. The home-state school is likely to score a productive running back from its state.

The pick at this hour: Georgia Tech

Announcement time: 8:30 a.m. CT

The latest: This recruitment became a three-team competition between Tennessee, Ole Miss and Auburn. The Tigers pushed over the summer, held back and then re-pushed late during the recruiting cycle. Tennessee has fought to hold on, but Ole Miss has presented its own threats to the Volunteers at times. It seems the official visit to Auburn a few weeks back, however, will be the tipping point.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 9:30 a.m. CT

The latest: There's no doubt Auburn made a effortful attempt to flip Hampton from LSU, and at times it seemed possible. After the official visit, LSU knew it had a true battle on its hands. It was actually Hampton's relationship with the LSU baseball team that he committed to back in 2016 that made the difference here. Auburn's football program gave him something to think about, thanks to his family relationships with Marcus Woodson and Larry Porter. But once he decided against making an unofficial visit last weekend, the writing was on the wall.

The pick at this hour: LSU

Announcement time: 11:15 a.m. CT

The latest: This has become a more challenging recruitment for Auburn than the Tigers would've liked or expected. Florida, Georgia, Miami and Penn State have all made full-throttle pushes to land one of the few elite running backs still available. Georgia and Florida have probably made this the most interesting, but the long-standing connection to Auburn and its coaching staff is likely to be the difference maker.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 12 p.m. CT

The latest: Florida State or Auburn? Both need him, only one will land him. Following Bell's official visit to Auburn at the beginning of January, the likelihood he'd choose the Tigers was sky high. It's dropped some since then because of his public show of affection for Florida State after his trip to Tallahassee the week later. Still, Auburn has been in this recruitment longer than anyone, especially compared to Florida State.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 1 p.m. CT

The latest: Robinson has been on Auburn's radar as long as anyone in the 2019 class. The recruitment reached a fever pitch in January. He took an official visit to the Plains. On Friday, Auburn sent multiple coaches — Kevin Steele, Marcus Woodson, Travis Williams, Greg Brown and Cadillac Williams — to go see him for the final time during the contact period. Auburn's attempts were both worth it and close, but South Carolina has just had too firm of a grasp on this recruitment for a long time.

The pick at this hour: South Carolina

Announcement time: 1:30 p.m. CT

The latest: Who hasn't tried to flip Pickens from Auburn? In the end, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee and Miami were the ones who earned official visits from the 5-star wide receiver. Georgia, Tennessee and Miami have hosted Pickens back-to-back-to-back weeks and have generated the most recent buzz. But when it was all finished, Pickens returned to Auburn on Sunday evening for one final unofficial visit to the Plains. That visit said it all.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 1:45 p.m. CT

The latest: There's really not much to report here. Brown committed to Auburn after a January offer and official visit. He had no plans to end up anywhere once that offer came through, and he will officially sign with the Tigers on Wednesday.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 2 p.m. CT

The latest: Henry's decision feels much more 50-50 than Bell's when it comes to offensive linemen on National Signing Day. While Bell feels like an Auburn lean, Henry truly seems like it could go either way. Per sources, there's some belief at Auburn the two will end up choosing the same place based on the friendship they've developed over the last month. That seems to bode well for the Tigers with Henry, but the Seminoles might feel it helps them too. This is a true coin flip.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: 2:45 p.m. CT

The latest: The tealeaves tell the story on this one. Brothers' top schools consists of three programs — Auburn, North Carolina and Miami. He officially visited North Carolina before the Tar Heels' new staff was in place. He scheduled then cancelled an official visit to Miami. Brothers called Auburn his No. 1 choice right off his official visit and hasn't wavered from his public interest in the Tigers since then.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: No set time (will be updated).

The latest: Auburn was handed a bit of a curveball last weekend when Charles Moore made a stop Sunday to, of all places, Mississippi State. The Bulldogs were thought to be a non-factor in this recruitment anymore, but that seems to have changed at the final minute. Florida, Florida State and LSU are the other teams involved. But this seems like one Auburn has felt good about for some time despite the pushes from other places. If Auburn lands Moore, as is expected at this time, major kudos to Marcus Woodson who proved to be a home run hire, especially for this 2019 class.

The pick at this hour: Auburn

Announcement time: No set time (will be updated). Update: Plumlee announced his decision shortly after posting Monday.

The latest: There isn't much information on this end regarding Plumlee. Auburn isn't believed to be making a major pitch to Plumlee as a quarterback. Florida State is the wild card added last weekend that could be a decision-altering change last minute. But Plumlee has been connected to the two in-state schools, and it's a toss up between the Rebels and the Bulldogs.

The pick at this hour: Ole Miss. Update: Plumlee picked Ole Miss on Monday night.