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Morrow credits football for life change

Ocean Springs (Miss.) three-star wide receiver Joseph Morrow is already a unique prospect standing 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, and reportedly running in the 4.5's in the forty yard dash.
A combination of size and speed that isn't found often, what Morrow possesses is a coveted attribute among schools across the country.
When Morrow named a top group of four schools earlier in July, he named Auburn in his top four, along with LSU, Arkansas, and Mississippi State.
Morrow talked about his relationship with Auburn wide receiver coach Trooper Taylor, and saying, "I could fit in there (Auburn)." Morrow actually left a visit to the Plains in March with the Tigers as leader at the time.
Recent reports though claimed Morrow had dropped the Tigers from his top five, something Morrow said isn't the case.
"I have them (Auburn) in my top five, because it's Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State," Morrow said. "I always keep Auburn up there, I always keep them in my top five. I've been to Auburn and I really, really like it up there. Auburn is definitely in my top five."
Morrow is unsure about the misunderstanding regarding his top five, but maintains that Auburn is always a school at the front of his mind.
"I don't know," Morrow said about the confusion. "Everybody I talk to, when they ask me who I'm looking at, Auburn is one of the first schools I say. Auburn is right there with me. Auburn and LSU, I keep them in there."
The Magnolia State star even said he wants to make another trip to Auburn, and soon.
"I'm hoping to make it up there next weekend hopefully," Morrow said. "I haven't been up there in awhile, I would like to make it up there."
Morrow's uniqueness doesn't stop with just his physical ability though, as he's already to overcome so much to be where he's at.
There are many kids that grow up in a bad situation and find themselves looking for a way out. Many don't find that road to a brighter future, but Morrow looks to be one of the few that has.
Morrow says when he was growing up, he made the mistake of surrounding himself with people that didn't influence him in the right direction. It's something he fortunately found a way to rectify, and says he credits football for turning his life around.
"I was hanging around the wrong crowd when I was young, and did things I shouldn't have done," Morrow said. "I hung around people I thought were my friends, but all that is in the past. I started going to church, staying home and not going out all the time and trying to do right."
That's when Morrow turned to the gridiron to keep him occupied, and it only took one practice for him to know what his future could be.
"Everything started going down the drain for me," Morrow said. "I went to the high school coach and told him I wanted to play football. The first day of practice they threw me a pass and I took it all the way for a touchdown. Ever since then I've been in love with football. I did some things that I shouldn't have, but that's all in the past and I've changed my life around."
Rivals rates Morrow the no. 58 receiver in the nation, and the no. 16 player in the state of Mississippi for 2011.