HD: Whitaker, team working to regain their edge

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Auburn senior defensive tackle Jeffrey Whitaker talks about how the Tigers' defensive line can transform into a successful unit, after being the No. 97 ranked rush defense in 2012. Whitaker also talks about a key phrase being echoed by many Auburn players this offseason, "getting the edge back".
ON TRANSFORMING THE DEFENSIVE LINE INTO A PRODUCTIVE UNIT: I think for the older guys like myself, we saw it first hand. When we came here, we were the worst in the SEC the previous year and then the national championship year we were the best in the SEC. It took the mental, the physical, everybody having a sense of urgency to get better. That's what it's going to take to get back. It's a new day for us, we are getting our edge back. It's one of those deals, we have to keep working hard. We're Auburn, we're not trying to just compete and pat ourselves on the back, we're trying to be the best. To be the best, we have to keep working hard and when the time comes to put on the pads and go inside that stadium, we'll be ready.
ON GETTING THE EDGE BACK: Dominate every day, not taking a day for granted. That's the first step in getting your edge back. Understanding it's a new day and understanding everybody is working for one goal. When you have a bunch of people working for one goal, it's hard to beat. That's what we're shooting for now.
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