HD: Malzahn talks full pads practice

AUBURN | Auburn head coach Gus MalzahnClick Here to view this Link. met with the media on Saturday afternoon to talk about the Tigers' first spring practice in full pads. Watch the highlights of Malzahn's press conference below.
MALZAHN: "I thought our guys were excited to be out there and looking forward to the physical part of it. It was a very physical practice, and it was good for our coaches to evaluate our guys and where they're out. Guys have improved, especially the young guys. The older guys making sure they improve. Overall, I was pleased with our attitude, not just really today but the two previous practices, too. I really feel like our guys want to practice. I feel like they want to get better and they've got the right attitude to get better. Overall, I thought it was a solid first week."
ON CARL LAWSON: "We have high expectations for Carl, coming off the season he had. You can just tell he's a lot more confident out there and just trying to be a leader by example."
ON QUARTERBACKS: "I thought all three of them did some good things at times. I think they've all had good weeks, not just today. You can tell they're more comfortable, and they should be. We're farther ahead obviously than we were at this time last year. It was a solid week, I think, for our quarterbacks."
ON QB RUNNING THE ENTIRE SYSTEM: "With what we ask our quarterback to do, if you got out on the field, just as far as the sideline communication and everything that goes with that. And then all the verbal and nonverbal communication, and then you recognize the defense. Then you snap the ball and you've got adjust to what they're doing. There's just a whole lot to it. As a matter of fact, before the snap there's a challenge."
ON DUKE WILLIAMS: "I tell you what he's off to a good start as far as his ability to learn and effort and everything that coach Craig and coach Lashlee are asking him to do. He's made some very good 1-on-1 plays, too."
ON DERRICK MONCRIEF: "He's rotating in there with the first group. He's a long, athletic guy. I've been impressed with his attitude. He's wanting to be coached and he's wanting to play with effort. It'll just be a matter of him getting more and more comfortable."
ON PEYTON BARBER: "Peyton is a guy that we're really going to give a good look to this spring. He's a very good runner when you give him the ball. The thing that coach Horton's working with him on is the protections and playing without the ball and the routes and the checkdowns and all that. But he's very strong when he has the ball in his hands."