Garner talks signee Carl Lawson


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Auburn defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner talks about Milton (Ga.) five-star signee Carl Lawson and what makes him special. Garner also goes in-depth into why he didn't recruit Lawson during his time at Georgia and why the media exaggerated the situation.
GARNER ON LAWSON'S SKILLS: He has an unbelievable first step. He has a relentless motor, he plays with a high level intensity, he has violent hands, he has the ability to flip his hips and get skinny -- to accelerate through the quarterback. He brings a lot of value to the table as a 4-3 defensive end.
GARNER ON WHY HE DIDN'T RECRUIT LAWSON TO GEORGIA: At Georgia in the 3-4, Carl was an outside backer. I'm glad Carl and his family didn't buy into what the media said. I'm the DL coach. He was my recruiting area, but I don't coach outside backers. In that system he was an outside backer, in this system, he's a defensive end. When I went to Milton High School, I told them I thought he was a great 4-3 end, but we weren't a 4-3, we were a 3-4.
If it weren't for the media, it wouldn't be a big deal. At least they were educated enough to know I didn't coach outside backers. We're now at a scheme that fits him and I'm his position coach. If I had come here and were a 3-4, I still wouldn't be recruiting him. It would strictly be what position he plays.