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Big Cat Quotes II: Recruits talk Auburn

More than 30 of Auburn's top prospects made their way to the Plains this weekend to attend the Tigers' second Big Cat Weekend. The weekend produced one big commitment for Auburn in quarterback Kiehl Frazier and the Tigers made big moves for others.
For what several more of the top recruits in attendance had to say about Big Cat Weekend, check below…
Kadetrix Marcus, LB/DB, Stephenson (Stone Mountain, Ga.)
"It went great. We did all of the events with Big Cat, played games, talked to the coaches and got to hang out with the other recruits. We split up into groups and had contests. It was fun. I enjoyed myself. I know Xzavier Dickson and hung out with him. I met Gabriel Wright, Jonathan Rose, a lot of guys. I liked the activities. They were designed for us to bond with the other recruits. I liked it. Auburn is pretty high on my list. I'm going to take a couple of more visits to see how things work out, but Auburn is up there."
Mitch Smothers, OL, Springdale, Ark.
"It went great. It was my first time there and it being Big Cat Weekend made it a lot of fun. They split us up into teams and we did different competitions and then hung out with the coaches. I had met Coach (Gus) Malzahn before, but that was my first time meeting the others. I really liked them. I really liked Auburn. They are definitely high on my list. I like the people and atmosphere. The people are great. Auburn is now in my top three with Alabama and Arkansas. I don't really have a favorite of those three. Those are the three I'm mainly looking at now."
Thomas O'Reilly, OL, Pope (Marietta, Ga.) - AU Commit
"I had a blast. It was awesome. I had fun, but my main thing was to get to know the recruits and get to know the players, the freshmen like Michael Dyer and Dakota Mosley. I met a lot of recruits, Kiehl (Frazier) and Greg (Robinson). Everything went really well. I had a great time. Auburn made a great impression on a lot of the recruits including me. I think we're going to have a great recruiting class."
Jermaine Whitehead, DB/WR, Elzy (Greenwood, Miss.) - MSU Commit
"It went great. I have a lot more interest in Auburn. It feels good, looks good…I like it a lot. My parents came with me and they loved it. I got to hang out with the recruits and coaches and gaining a bond and a trust with them. It's crazy how much they love you up there. I like Auburn a lot, but I'm still solid to Mississippi State. Mainly I want to go to a place where I can win. I think Coach (Dan) Mullen has something special going on at Mississippi State and I want to be a part of it. That would be a dream come true. But if things don't work out with State, Auburn is there."
Keymiya Harrell, DE, Dallas County (Plantersville, Ala.)
"We just had fun and got a chance to know the players, just bond. We got a chance with the coaches, not just to talk about football, but just have fun, went to the gym and played a lot of games. We had pie-eating contests...a lot of crazy games. It was fun. As of right now, Auburn is on top of the list. I can say Auburn is on top of the list. Auburn is just family. I'm going to try to make a decision at the beginning of my season."
Xzavier Ward, OL, Colquitt County (Moultrie, Ga.)
"The coaches are great. You can talk to them about anything. I like the attitude of the coaches and the character of all the coaches, that's what stood out. It's just a really great place to be. (Auburn is recruiting me at) left tackle. They don't have many tackles, so they're trying to recruit me. Recruiting is going good right now. I'm trying to narrow it down a little bit and Auburn is one of them. (I'll decide) probably after the season."
Pat Milliner, WR, Stanhope Elmore (Millbrook, Ala.)
"It was very nice. I learned a lot about Auburn that I didn't know. Coach (Trooper) Taylor has made a good impact on Auburn and the wide receivers, and the offense as well. I like Auburn a lot. It's family, all a big family. They respect everyone. They show them respect whether they're a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. You get the same respect as everyone else. I feel like I fit in just fine…and they got that quarterback (Kiehl Frazier) in my class."
Justin Shanks, DL, Prattville, Ala. (2012)
"It was real good. I like coming down here. I loved it. Pretty nice site. I could see myself coming here. The tradition is real exciting and I like the coaches a lot. They are real welcoming. I really like them. The visit helped. It gave them a boost. I grew up feeling strong about Alabama, but getting a look at Auburn and getting introduced to them has really started changing my mind. We don't really see too much Auburn down in Prattville. This could be a turning point if some people from Prattville come up here to Auburn."