September 21, 2009

Series by series: UW's defense against Wofford

MADISON, Wis. - With Wisconsin's offense struggling throughout the first quarter, the Badger defense had to buckle down. And that is exactly what the unit did.

Today, takes a closer look at every defensive series. The following is a series-by-series recap of Saturday's game.

First quarter:

Defensive series No. 1: Started on Wofford 29 yard line following John Clay fumble.
Plays: 1
Yards given up: 0
Result: Mitch Allen fumble, recovered by Culmer St. Jean.

Key play: On the first play from scrimmage, Mike Taylor broke into the backfield and forced the fumble.

Defensive series No. 2: Started on Wofford 18 yard line following Zach Brown fumble.
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 7
Result: 34-yard Chris Tommie punt.

Key play: On third and six, Antonio Fenelus brought down Arsenio Parks well short of the first down, forcing the punt.

Defensive series No. 3: Started on Wofford 21 yard line following Philip Welch field goal. (3-0 Wisconsin)
Plays: 4
Yards given up: 20
Result: 40-yard Allen punt.

Key play: Taylor and Jay Valai stuffed Austin Palmer for a two-yard gain on third and seven to force the punt.

Second Quarter:

Defensive series No. 4: Started on Wofford 20 following kickoff. (10-0 Wisconsin)
Plays: 3
Yards given up: 5
Result: Blocked Tommie punt, recovered by David Gilbert[/db for touchdown. (17-0 Wisconsin)

Key play: Freshman [db]Chris Borland leaped high into the air and managed to get a hand on the punt even though two Wofford players were trying to block him. Then, Gilbert sprinted to the end zone and covered up the ball before it slipped out the back of the end zone.

Defensive series No. 5: Started on Wofford 20 following kickoff.
Plays: 4
Yards given up: -1
Result: Turnover on downs.

Key play: Already down 17-0, Wofford decided to go for it on fourth and four from their own 26 yard line. On the play, Taylor broke into the backfield and made the sack on Allen to force the turnover on downs.

Defensive series No. 6: Started on Wofford 18 yard line following kickoff. (24-0 Wisconsin)
Plays: 6
Yards given up: 7
Result: 42-yard Tommie punt.

Key play: On second and 14, both Jeff Stehle and St. Jean combined to hold Allen to only a two yard gain on the option play. The play set up a third and long that Wofford was unable to convert.

Defensive series No. 7: Started on Wofford 31 yard line.
Plays: 4
Yards given up: 16
Result: Gilbert fumble recovery.

Key play: O'Brien Schofield came off tackle and blindsided Allen, forcing a fumble that was recovered by Gilbert.

Defensive series No. 8: Started on Wofford 20 yard line following 54-yard Brad Nortman punt.
Plays: 1
Yards given up:4
Result: End of half

Defensive series No. 9: Started on Wofford 23 yard line following kickoff.
Plays: 14
Yards given up: 48
Result: Missed Christian Reed field goal.

Key play: For the first time in the game, the Terriers were able to move the ball with some semblance of consistency. In fact, on the third play of the drive, Allen was able to complete Wofford's first pass of the game.

UW's defense eventually buckled down and forced the Terriers to settle for a long field goal.

Defensive series No. 10: Started on Wisconsin 43 yard line following David Gilreath fumble.
Plays: 5
Yards given up: 43
Result: Seven-yard Austin Palmer touchdown rush. (31-7 Wisconsin)

Key play: Though Gilreath's fumble didn't leave the Badger defense in the best of situations, Wofford decided to go against its grain and move the ball through the air. On the first play of the drive, Allen connected with Devin Reed for 26-yards to set up the eventual touchdown.

Defensive series No. 11: Started on Wofford 40 yard line following kickoff. (37-7 Wisconsin)
Plays: 5
Yards given up: 46
Result: Devin Smith interception.

Key play: With Wofford driving, Smith undercut a lofted pass to the front corner of the end zone. And in doing so, he was able to haul in his first career interception and thwarted a potential Terriers scoring drive.

Fourth Quarter:

Defensive series No. 12: Started on Wofford 27 yard line following kickoff. (44-7 Wisconsin)
Plays: 13
Yards given up: 73
Result: One-yard Austin Palmer touchdown run. (44-14 Wisconsin)

Key play: Stev Davitte rushed to the near sideline for four yards on third and ten. However, UW freshman safety Shelton Johnson was flagged for a 15-yard late hit penalty that gave the Terriers new life.

Seven plays later, Wofford scored its second touchdown of the game.

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