August 14, 2009

Torbush talking defense

For many years now few have questioned Mississippi State's defense.

But a repetitively struggling offense has left their defensive counterparts facing major minutes and a short field to work with.

Bulldog fans hope Dan Mullen's offensive resume will come to fruition leaving new coordinator Carl Torbush to direct the defense that was ranked 35th in the nation last season.

Torbush brings 34 years of coaching experience to the position including head coaching stops at Louisiana Tech and North Carolina. Torbush's defense will base out of a 4-3 formation but will allow for several other variations as well.

"It's multiple and we do a lot of different things in a lot of different packages," Torbush said. "We want to give a lot of looks but we don't want to give more than we can handle. We want to have enough in our package that if we have some injuries we can go from a 4-3 to a three man front with four linebackers or that 3-3 look with five defense backs. We've got a multiple package in that respect and I think if we've got enough injuries we don't have to stay in a 4-3."

With Mullen's offensive background and Torbush's defensive forte the two have combined to feed off of each other's ideas to better the Bulldogs on both sides of the ball.

"(Mullen) will sit down and talk X's and O's and I have picked up a few things that you probably take for granted, but I've picked up a few things that hurt them on offense," Torbush said. "Those are things that we want to add to our package to hurt other teams."

Torbush began working with the defense in the spring and one unit has shined above the others.

"I do think the defensive line is probably the most improved from the first day of spring practice right now," Torbush said. "We've got some guys that are really young and still not as big as we'd like for them to be but they are playing hard and getting better and they need to because we've got to get more pressure up front without trying to bring linebackers every time."

Torbush is preparing the defensive line to play multiple positions in order to mix and match the depth chart as needed in case of injuries.

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