August 5, 2009

Bulldogs don shoulder pads

Mississippi State donned shoulder pads for the first time on Wednesday and naturally there was a little more bumping going on during the Bulldogs third day of fall camp.

MSU went for two and a half hours after the initial 30-minute stretching and pre-practice that begins every session. The team went over all three phases of the game and worked more extensively on special teams.

"(Special teams) is going to be everyday for us," said Bulldog head coach Dan Mullen. "We are going to be a good special teams team. If you want to be a good special teams team then you've got to practice it. We are going to have a lot of time designated at the beginning and the middle of practice to work on special teams."

The practice went over he initially scheduled time when Mullen did not like the way a particular drill was going so he just simply started it over.

"The drill wasn't going the way that we needed it to go so we wanted to make sure that we got the drill done the right way," Mullen said. "It wasn't as much about the execution as it was the effort going on at that point. We had to start that drill over to make sure that we got the effort needed."

It is only natural to think that fatigue may have played a role in State's effort during the drill but Mullen isn't buying it. He understands what strength coach Matt Balis put the players through during the offseason and is not concerned about the shape his team is in.

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