August 3, 2009

Taylor challenges his receivers

When you think of tough, physical football players, big linemen, linebackers or running backs usually come to mind.

Receivers, on the other hand, are often evaluated by their 40 time or how high they can jump.

Auburn's got some tall wideouts, some than can run fast and jump high. But if they're going to play for receivers coach Trooper Taylor, they better be willing to smack a defensive player in the mouth just like an offensive tackle or pop up after a big hit like a 230-pound running back.

"I'm going to find out if mine our tough," Taylor said. "I'm going to tell the defensive back he's running a curl and I want him to knock the ever-living out of him. I want him to get after him because I want to see who can do it when the bullets are flying.

"For the SEC, I've been in it and I understand what it takes to win in it. There's no room for being soft. It's all about being tough and physical and these wideouts are about to find out. They think it was tough this spring but it's about to go up a notch."

When preseason workouts get underway Wednesday, Taylor will lead a mix of veterans, who haven't exactly set the world on fire their first few years at Auburn, and some talented youngsters onto the practice fields.

He got an up-close look at most of the veterans in the spring. The newcomers will be thrown to the fire early this fall.

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