July 27, 2009

Trotter brothers may be headed to different schools

At 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds Milwaukee (WI) Marquette University High School's inside linebacker Marcus Trotter is breaking down the competition. Trotter uses his incredible strength and footwork to not only break-through the offensive line as a regular occurrence, but recorded an astounding 29 tackles for loss in 2008 alone. He has already picked up offers from Indiana, North Dakota, Illinois State, and Northern Iowa and has received interest from Wisconsin, Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Akron, Buffalo, Northern Illinois, Wofford, Western Michigan, and Central Michigan.

"I love having schools take an interest in me; it's really incredible to think about sometimes. For me, academics are the biggest priority, followed by a great football program, as well as a tradition of winning."

A few months back, you may recall reading an article about Milwaukee (WI) Marquette University High School's safety, Michael Trotter. For those who didn't read the article, Marcus Trotter and Michael Trotter are twin brothers. Like most brothers, they share a strong bond between one another.

"Michael and I are extremely close; we are each other's best friends. When we go out with friends, it is almost always including the two of us. We sometimes even go on dates together, if Michael has a date, he makes sure to see if she has a friend, and I do the same for him. We just enjoy most of the same things and it is easy to get along."

Both Trotter Twins are bound for D-1 schools next year and would like to continue playing for the same school/team if it is the best situation for both brothers. As fate would have, they might be going to different schools, as Michael gave his verbal commitment to Wisconsin a few days ago.

"Michael and I both understand that we may end up going to different schools next year, which is completely fine. We both understand that the situation has to be perfect for both of us as individuals. We both are doing a tremendous amount of research on each of our possible choices for college."

"Right now, Indiana, North Dakota, Illinois State, and Northern Iowa have offered the two of us scholarships. We both really enjoyed touring Indiana's weight room and campus during our visit. However, as I said before, we are both taking our time with this process so we end up in the best situation for both Michael and I."

Though Michael is the only one with an offer from Central Michigan, Marcus would love the opportunity to impress the coaches with what he can bring to the table.

I am extremely proud of Michael; he is a really hard worker and deserves everything that comes his way. Though I haven't yet received an offer from CMU, I have been talking with coaches extensively about being a part of the Chippewa program. Coaches have told me that they wanted to make sure they took care of Michael first, and then they would work on bringing me in. For me, it would a great opportunity to receive and offer from CMU. I love the coaching staff and I have heard a lot of good things about the school itself. Michael and I haven't had a chance to go check out the campus, but we both would love to very soon."

"As an individual, Marcus believes that he has one particular skill that can help any program reach its true potential.

"I will be the first person to tell you that I am only one piece of the teams puzzle. However, I think that I can be last piece, which just brings the group of puzzle pieces together to make a picture. Again, I may not be the best player on the team, but I will make sure that I am the hardest worker. I study film for hours and I am always one of the first players on the field and I make sure that I am one of the last ones off the field every day."

A few years ago the Trotter family experienced a tragedy that brought them all together and taught them a lot about life.

"Unfortunately, a few years ago my older brother Aleksas passed away. After that happened our family really came together to help each other work through the pain. It was really tough, as a younger sibling you see your older brother as almost a hero. You look up to him for guidance and advice and they are always there to help. So when he died, it was a weird feeling, superheroes aren't supposed to die; they are supposed to always be there. So it has been tough and will always be tough but as a family, we have learned to accept the situation for what it is and we always will remember him."

Marcus attributes all of his success to the help provided by his family and especially his parents.

"After experiencing the death of Aleksas, as a family we all realize that life is precious. My parents have been tremendous supporters of Michael and I as well as our sister. Before Michael and I got our licenses, they had to take us to games and practices that would be at least 50 minutes away, and sometimes further than that. Without my parents it would be impossible to have these incredible offers coming in the mail. Both Michael and I are extremely grateful to have parents willing to do anything for their children's dreams to be able to come true."

With so many new experiences awaiting Marcus in college, from time to time he enjoys thinking about what continues to make football his favorite sport.

"Football… there is truly nothing in the world like it. The determination of every player on every down is just beyond amazing. The feeling of winning cannot ever be expressed through words, only through experience. Being able to hit someone, and be praised for it and not punished. It is simply incredible; every aspect of the game just is something that can only be experienced by either watching or playing football."

As his senior year approaches, Marcus works hard every day in order to reach the goals that he has set forth since the end of last season.

"I am one of those guys that you have to drag out of the weight room. I just love the aspect of being able to see the improvements you make almost instantly. Over the summer I have been attending a lot of camps that in order to improve upon my speed and my ability to shed blocks. So far I feel that I have been able to make large strides towards improving but I feel like I can always benefit from learning more."

Central Michigan has been very successful in recent years at being able to find quality linebackers. Nick Bellore, Red Keith, and Ike Brown have all found success in the Chippewa program. Could linebacker Marcus Trotter be next on Central Michigan's radar?

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