July 19, 2009

Is Robey on the verge of a decision?

This weekend, Georgia hosted over 100 prospects, and one of the most coveted players for sure was Frostproof cornerback Nickell Robey.

The 5-foot-7 160-pound athlete has offers from at least 15 schools other than Georgia, including Florida, Ohio State, and Tennessee. UGASports caught up with the four-star talent on his way home from Athens Sunday afternoon.

"It was real now, I will be honest," Robey said of Dawg Night.

"My parents loved it. I got there like 1pm on Friday, and they started us off with a tour of the school," he added.

Robey had already made the trip up to the Classic City for the G-Day game, but this time he wanted to see what his family thought.

"I just wanted to show my parents the whole thing, so they took us to the football facilities, and that was really nice," he said. "Then we went to check out the academics and my mom and dad just loved what they are doing in that area because that is the most important part of it. That was their favorite part I think. They let my mom and dad met a couple football players and asked them about the experience and what it was like when they first got there."

For Robey, allowing his mom and dad to see a school he is very interested in is vital to ensuring he makes the right decision. So the people who will in a sense be bridging the gap from high school to the real world are going to play a pivotal role in the life of their son. That is what made this visit to Georgia important for Robey.

"My parents just love the staff, because they treat everyone like family," he said. "They respect and take care of you. My cousin Carlton (Thomas) is a prime example. He is a good player, a good schoolmate, and is excelling at everything, and that is what they like the most."

It was also a chance for Robey to catch up with a former teammate and family member as well. Thomas, a redshirt freshman who will be looked upon to make big plays for the Bulldogs this fall, is a former Frostproof Bulldog and also Robey's cousin.

"Seeing Carlton again, it felt like the old days, when we used to hang out," said Robey. "He showed me around, introduced me to his friends. It just felt like family when I first got there because all the players hang out together, and I just felt like I was at home," added the Rivals250 prospect.

He got to bond with another possible future teammate as well.

"I hung out with Carlton's roommate Nick Williams and he had the same things to say. We all know Coach (Mark) Richt is a good honest guy, and the rest of the staff is as well," said Robey.

Robey was a wanted man in Athens, and the staff at Georgia did not hide how they felt about getting the cover corner suited up in red and black next year.

"The staff was very forward with me, which I liked and that is what I told them I wanted," admitted Robey. "I wanted honesty, and they looked me dead in my eyes, and they were serious. I am very interested in Georgia, and I liked my time spent with the staff. We all were on the same page, me, my parents, and the coaches," explained the Sunshine State standout.

Going into the visit, Robey maintained that he was very open as far as favorites. While he still did not give a leader, the versatile athlete says his decision could be coming soon. This is a big change in plans for Frostproof star, who has 13 interceptions and 3100 yards the last two years.

"Georgia is high on my list; they are in my top three for sure. I am going to go home, sleep on it, pray about it, and then I will do what I got to do," Robey said. "This has came earlier than I thought it would. I thought I would do it after the season, but I feel like it is developing much quicker than I thought."

Just how close is his decision? Well according to Robey, his recruitment almost ended this weekend.

"Commitment was on my mind in Athens, but I felt like I would have fun with the experience there, and then see how I really feel about it when I get home. My gut feeling will dictate what I end up doing," said Robey.

While Robey wants to know what the college staff he chooses can do to improve him as a person and a player, he also wants to make sure he can make an impact in the program. If that is going to be the Bulldogs, Robey says he has to feel like he can contribute to the success of the team.

"I am just thinking about what I can do if I get up there," Robey acknowledged. "It is not just about the coaches, it is also about what I could do to better that team if I chose Georgia."

One thing is for sure, Robey felt the love this weekend in Athens, and not just from the coaching staff. Whether it was the fans on campus, the current players on the team, or other prospects visiting, everyone wanted to know where he was over the last few days. While he said the feeling was good, Robey is not about to let off what got him here in the first place.

"I really felt like one of the most wanted prospects Georgia is after right now," Robey said. "It felt good to know my hard work is paying off, but I plan to keep doing it and stay humble."

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