June 29, 2009

Hamilton biding his time

MILLEDGEVILLE - It's getting close to decision time for Georgia Military's Jakar Hamilton, who said Monday he's counting down the days to July 11 when he plans to announce what college he will attend.

No doubt fans of both Georgia and Alabama will be very interested in what he has to say.

"Right now it's Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and Kentucky that are talking to me," Hamilton said outside the school fieldhouse at GMC. "Right now, I'm just evaluating everyone, talking to my parents and trying to decide what I'm going to do next."

Hamilton said he will make his big announcement at a ceremony that will begin at noon at Wild Wings off Washington Road in Augusta on July 11.

"Right now, it's really not about football," Hamilton said. "It's about what the schools have to offer academically, the coaching staff, what kind of people they are and how they carry themselves. That's what I'm looking for."

Although Hamilton says that schools like Auburn and Kentucky continue to recruit him, he made it clear that Georgia and Alabama are the two teams to beat.

"It was a great scene at Georgia. I was there when the camp was going on and the kids were all out there working hard, doing what they usually do," Hamilton said. "I talked with Coach (Mark) Richt, Coach (Willie) Martinez, met some of the players and their academic situation really blew it out of the water. They'll pay for my Masters. Say if I went to the league (NFL) an decided to come back to school, they'll pay for me to get my Masters no matter what."

Hamilton had very kind words to say about Alabama as well.

"Really, both schools are about the same. Coach (Nick) Saban is a great coach who knows a lot about the NFL and what goes into that," Hamilton said. "It's really tit for tat. Both schools are equal. I just have to weigh all the facts to make my big decisions, what school I want to attend and what will be best for me and the future of my family."

Wherever he goes, Hamilton said he will look back on his two years at GMC with fondness.

He said there would be no way he would be in the position he is now without the lessons he's learned at the Milledgeville school.

"It takes discipline. We wake up at 5:30 every morning and the coaches here really push you," Hamilton said. "We do this on an every-day basis and we get our work done because everybody here has got goals. Guys who come here do so with one thing in mind - to become a big success."

For Hamilton, earning a scholarship from a big-time program like Georgia or Alabama has definitely been part of his own personal plan.

""It's a big motivation. Everyone who steps on that field here, we bleed together, we sweat together because we're all trying to take that next step," he said. "When you come to GMC, it builds you up, it makes you a man, and it gives you motivation. That's what I have right now."

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