April 28, 2009

Kevin Prince talks scrimmage

Redshirt freshman quarterback Kevin Prince grew as a quarterback this spring. Though he is still far from a finished product, he definitely looks like he has the goods to be a fine quarterback. He took responsibility after every scrimmage and by doing so alleviated performances of other players. That's what quarterbacks and leaders do.

Prince held court after the scrimmage he handled himself well. He grew up a lot this spring.

Norm Chow just said that if it was too big, he would stop the game for you?

Prince: "Yeah…"

Did you react well to that? He said you were mad…

Prince: "Well that was kind of insulting. Obviously nobody wants to go out there and play the way I did the first few series, but that happens sometimes. We got off to a slow start and that was my fault that first drive when I threw that interception and I missed a few checks, but I feel like we got into a rhythm after awhile and things started picking up."

Did the first-team offense do well tonight?

Prince: "Like I said we did what we did last year a few times started out slow, which is something we don't want to do and it is something that we made a goal not to do in games and we came out here and started out slow, but like I said that's on me.

"I do feel like we finished strong. We put two scores in the end zone so I felt we finished strong."

Did the offense do better tonight than the first two scrimmages?

Prince: "I think we moved the ball better tonight. I feel like the O-line held up beautifully and we didn't really have any protection issues. They were run blocking well and the running backs were breaking free a lot."

You said you take responsibility for that first pick?

Prince: "Most definitely…"

Norm (Chow) said Morrell Presley ran the wrong route…

Prince: "I mean he (Presley) could of sat down in a hole, but really it's on me. I shouldn't have thrown that ball. Alterraun Verner was sitting right there and he's an amazing cornerback. It was just a stupid pass."

Alterraun is used to catching balls from your quarterbacks…

Prince: "(Laughs) He's (Verner) good, very good."

Have they met with you about decision?
Prince: "No sir…"

Have they met with you??

Prince: "No, we do individual meetings with Coach Rick Neuheisel and Coach Norm Chow in the offseason, but I don't expect anything come out of that. I don't know if I proved enough.

"The slow start today was discouraging for me, and I'm sure for the coaches as well. The upside was I do feel that we started picking it up and started driving the ball. I don't expect to be named the starter in the offseason. I expect this same situation to be carried into fall camp and the competition will continue again."

Why don't you expect to be named? Did you not play well enough?

Prince: "No, I just feel that the coaches want to see more. It's a big responsibility and they want the best man for the job. I've always said going into spring, my goal was to be consistent and I don't know if I was consistent enough and I feel like it takes more than 15 practices to show that you can be consistent."

Would you like to see the coaches open it up a little more for the spring game?

Prince: "In what way?"

Neuheisel said that it (Spring Game) is a little vanilla, intentionally so…

Prince: "We don't want tom open up and show everybody our whole playbook. It was fun to go down field a few times and I missed a few guys and made a few plays, but it is, what it is. It's a spring game and we have plenty of time to open up the playbook in the fall."

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