March 17, 2009

UW tabbed underdog against Florida State

MADISON, Wis. - After losing to Ohio State in the quarterfinal round of last week's Big Ten tournament, the Wisconsin men's basketball had to sweat out the weekend while waiting to find out if it had made the field of 65.

After the announcement was made, the Badgers found out they would head to Boise, Idaho to play Florida State and its sensational guard Toney Douglas. Before UW heads out west, caught up with one of the players that will likely see time guarding Douglas.

The following is a question and answer with Badger guard Jason Bohannon:

After the loss to Ohio State, was it kind of a nervous weekend for you guys?

Bohannon: Yeah, I mean we were right there on the bubble. We thought we had done enough but it was all up in the air for other teams to decide how we finished out and got in the tournament. The last two years, it wasn't that way and it was a lot going into that weekend. We're glad we're in and we're happy where we're going.

What was the reaction like when your name came up on the selection show?

Bohannon: We were really excited. We were right there and we had a feeling that would be us in the 11-12 spot. It worked out that way and we've got a very good team coming up on Friday against Florida State.

The last couple of years, and you kind of mentioned this already, you guys haven't been in the underdog role. This year, as the No. 12 seed, do you feel like the underdog a little bit?

Bohannon: Yeah, a little bit. In the locker room yesterday we were going out to practice and Joe Krabbenhoft said, 'Oh, we're wearing red.' We were kind of surprised because we haven't been the away team in the tournament for a long time. It is a little different feeling, but it's still the game of basketball and stuff we can't change at all.

Is it kind of something you guys look forward to doing, being the underdog?

Bohannon: If it's there for us we'll take it. We're just happy to be playing again. It doesn't matter if we're supposed to win or the underdog or whatever. We're just happy to be playing and get a chance to go out there and show what we have each and every game.

So far, what have you seen from Florida State that really stands out?

Bohannon: They're a very good team. They did very well in the ACC tournament before Duke beat them in the championship. They have a great guard in Toney Douglas. They got a tremendous team and we've got to come ready to play.

Is it going to be you and Trevon Hughes on Douglas, or what is the plan there?

Bohannon: I don't know, however the match-ups kind of go. We did a little bit yesterday, but not a lot. We'll do some more scouting report stuff today and we'll see how everything pans out.

They're a pretty lengthy team too, aren't they?

Bohannon: They are. They're a very lengthy team. They have a lot of big guys and they're very athletic as well. We got to play smart basketball, we can't get into a kind of running match with them like that because they're very good in that.

Is it the type of thing where you need to attack the rim and go right at their length?

Bohannon: Yeah, we need to attack them. When we jump up and go for lay-ups, we can't fall away and stuff like that because that's not going to give us an advantage at all. We need to go right into it and try to draw fouls and play smart basketball.

Now that you're in the tournament, do you feel like it's a bit of a fresh start?

Bohannon:We've had the Big Ten season, we had the Big Ten conference tournament so it's kind of two separate seasons. This is the third one right now starting new. We just got to start off on a fresh slate and kind of go from there.

What do you know about Boise, Idaho?

Bohannon: Not a lot, I've never been to Idaho before and I don't think many of us on the team have. It will be a new experience for all of us.

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