March 5, 2009

Gettis Set For a Monster Senior Year


If there was one word that could describe the type of talent Art Briles brought in this season, that would be it.

Glasco Martin, the shifty four star back out of Round Rock.

Darius Jones, the all world athlete who Baylor stole right out from under Bob Stoops' nose.

Skyler Scott, the 6-foot-3 speedster out of Lancaster.

Josh Gordon. Chance Casey. Willie Jefferson. The list goes on, and with a quarterback like Robert Griffin feeding them the ball, it becomes a scary list indeed.

With all the excitement about the recent influx of talent, however, the fans seem to be forgetting about one player on the roster who has just as much talent as any player coming in. Maybe even more.

Enter David Gettis.

One look at him during spring practice and you know this guy is special. At 6'4, 210 pounds, he has borderline perfect size for a wide receiver. He's strong. He runs crisp routes. Best of all, he's fast. And not just football fast. Track fast.

But for whatever reason, Gettis' stats haven't quite matched up to his talents. That's not to say his stats are sub-par by any means. After all, if Gettis left Baylor tomorrow, he would be remembered for having a great career as a Bear.

But for anyone who has seen him play in person, they know he could be something special. Think All-Big 12 special. All-American special, even.

With all the weapons coming in this off-season, though, David Gettis knows he can't get too caught up in his own potential.

"We're going to have to fight. These young guys are all fast, strong, and talented," Gettis said. "That's just going to make you work harder, though."

"That's what you need in a great program, young guys pushing the older guys," Gettis added. "This is our senior year, and we're ready to make it happen for our team."

Robert Griffin returns with another year of learning and growing under his belt. Kendal Wright will most likely draw extra coverage as Baylor's '08 leading receiver. Art Briles is making the development of the passing game one of his main priorities in 2009. What a senior year it could be indeed.

"I'm just going to have to do my part," Gettis said. "[Robert Griffin] has done a great job, especially as a freshman last year. We just have to make sure we do our part and make sure he moves the offense around. It really starts with us."

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