March 2, 2009

Trotter twins plan on attending camp

As a dynamic duo on and off the field, many consider the Trotter twins, Michael and Marcus, two of Wisconsin's top prospects in the 2010 class.

Marcus Trotter (6-foot-2, 225 pounds) and Michael Trotter (6-foot-1, 200 pounds) of Milwaukee (Wis.) Marquette were just two of a believed 32 in-state prospects in attendance for Wisconsin's first junior day Sunday.

The following is a question and answer segment fresh off their visit to Madison.

The first set of questions were answered by Marcus

Could you recap your visit and fill us in on what happened?

Marcus Trotter: First of all we met with all the coaches, just like any other typical junior day. After that we ate breakfast with our family and we were able to speak with Coach (Bret) Bielema one-on-one. We spoke about where my brother and I stand in the recruiting process. That was really good, it was nice we had the opportunity to do that.

After that we basically just went up to the basketball game and watched them play Michigan. When we came back we met with our position coaches and I went with the linebackers. In that meeting we talked about the program. The whole process was about five hours. But, that's just a real brief recap of what happened.

You mentioned meeting with Coach Bielema to discuss where you and your brother stand in the process. What did he have to say?

Marcus Trotter: He didn't mention anything specifically about scholarships, but we currently stand really high on their list. He said they try to nail down the top in-state guys first and that we were high on the list. He just talked about how interested they were and that they wanted us to attend camp again this summer. Overall it was a very positive meeting.

Did you attend camp last summer?

Marcus Trotter: Yeah, that's basically where we got most of our exposure. We've always loved Wisconsin, it's our home state. We did extremely well last summer and because of that we were able to pick up a lot of exposure. We were able to develop relationships with our specific position coach and that's helped us a lot.

What were your thoughts on the facilities?

Marcus Trotter: We've been there before, but every time we see it we become more impressed. It's really early in the process so we don't necessarily know where it stands compared to other schools yet. Our sister (Alana Trotter) plays basketball on the girl's team in Madison and the whole university is just amazing. There really isn't any else to say, it's just a great university. When it comes to academics and athletics it's in a class of its own.

You mentioned breaking up into your positions and meeting the coach. What were your thoughts on Coach (Dave) Doeren?

Marcus Trotter: Coach Doeren and I have been in touch ever since last summer. We e-mail each other almost every week. He said there are two scholarships open at the linebacker position. It was really informative. Also, he said that if he were to offer a scholarship to someone down the road that they would need a decision soon after because that scholarship could be taken by someone else. I love the way he teaches and I can definitely see myself playing for him. I look up to him for advice and he knows what he's doing.

Have you attended any other junior days?

Marcus Trotter: We were at Michigan State last weekend and Wisconsin today. Next week we are going to Northwestern for their junior day and Vanderbilt in two weeks.

Is it possible to give us a list of schools currently recruiting you and your brother?

Marcus Trotter: Well, it's pretty much been Michigan State, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, Purdue and Duke. Northwestern has been showing a lot of interest as of late. Some other schools showing us interest are Akron, Harvard, Dartmouth, and Western Michigan. Washington State is also very interested in us. We receive weekly letters from UCLA. Also, Maryland wants us to attend their one-day camp. They sent a hand-written letter letting us know they really enjoyed our film and would like to see us at their camp this summer.

The following questions were answered by Michael

What were your overall thoughts and impressions after visiting Madison?

Michael Trotter: I've been there a number of times because my sister plays basketball and we've attended their camps. We didn't really see anything new, but I really enjoyed myself. I love the campus and facilities a lot.

How did you and your brother grow into different positions?

Michael Trotter: In seventh and eighth grade we both played linebacker but as time passed Marcus grew bigger than me. He's big, he's 6-foot-2, 225 pounds and I'm around 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. As sophomores, he was better suited for the linebacker position and our defensive coach wanted me to try safety. I went with the defensive backs and ever since then I've played safety.

As mentioned, the players split up with their position coaches today. How was your time with Coach (Kerry) Cooks?

Michael Trotter: I was the only defensive back today so it was like my own personal meeting. It was just me, my dad and Coach Cooks. It was pretty neat because last week at Michigan State there were nine other defensive backs. It was a great chance to get to know each other and what types of schemes they use.

Did Coach Crooks mention anything about how many scholarships were available for your position?

Michael Trotter: He said last year they signed two safeties and one cornerback. In the class of 2010 they are looking for safeties. He said the safety position is wide-open at the moment. It made me feel good because he said they need safeties and that they were really interested in me.

Would they like to see you at camp again this summer?

Michael Trotter: Yeah, he said that he really liked my film. They want to see me in person, go through some drills. If they like what they see, maybe I'll be able to get a scholarship.

Did you hit it off with any other prospects today?

Michael Trotter: Last weekend at Michigan State we met Matt Eggen. We actually sat next to him at the Michigan State basketball game. So, we all knew each other and were able to hang out again today. We also spoke with Xavier Whitaker and Jeff Lewis from Brookfield Central. We knew Chip Rank from camp last summer, so we had the chance to chat with him a little.

Do you and your brother plan on attending the same school, no matter what?

Michael Trotter: We really want to play together in college, but we both know in reality it may not happen. We're going to try our hardest to play together.

Do you plan on attending any camps or combines this spring or summer?

Michael Trotter: We will be attending the Chicago Nike Combine on March 15. Also, we applied for the Midwest combine. They only take a certain number of prospects, so hopefully we'll get in. We were also invited to a 7-on-7 tournament at Ohio State this summer. During the summer we will definitely be attending a bunch of one-day camps, those will depend on who is showing us the most interest.

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