February 21, 2009

Unit No. 5: Quarterbacks

Duck Sports Authority continues its pre-Spring coverage with a look at the 2008 units and how they stacked up against each other. Coming in at #5 in the 2008 ranking was a group that was littered with injuries early in the season but came on strong: Quarterbacks.

Summary B- This grade would be higher if it were only for the end of the season. The quarterback position was well-manned in both phases the last four games of the season. Injuries to Nate Costa, Justin Roper, Jeremiah Masoli and Chris Harper made finding a reliable starter for 2008 very difficult for the first half of the season. The position had to run a lot the first half the season because the passing game was not as effective.

Unit MVP: Jeremiah Masoli Rags to riches story for Masoli. Buried in the depth chart early in fall camp, he made moves upward due to progress of his own and injuries to others from the first game on. At the end of the season, he became more comfortable in the passing game which completed him as a spread option quarterback. Masoli would also win the Most Improved Award if we had one.

Best Game: Arizona By the second to last game Jeremiah Masoli was hitting his stride. Against Arizona in a shootout, he was 21 for 26 passing with two TD's and no interceptions. His efficiency rating was 202.4. He also ran ten times for 89 yards and three TD's. Good thing Masoli was on fire given the final score was 55-45.

Consistency: 7 of 8 What else could be expected from a group that was forced to play four different guys after losing the presumed frontrunner before the season started? Individually, Masoli had QB ratings as high as 258.3 (vs. OS) and as low as 31.9 (vs. Cal). Justin Roper had a 160.2 against Utah State then the next week against Purdue a 69.3. This variation was reflected in DSA's grades for this position and thus in the consistency category.

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