February 17, 2009

Daniel confident as combine approaches

Chase Daniel set nearly every record there is to set at Missouri. But despite putting up numbers like few others over the last three seasons, Daniel's professional future is an issue of much debate.

PowerMizzou.com caught the former Tiger during a break from training in Houston to talk about what he has to show NFL scouts and how he feels about his chances of making it in the NFL.

PowerMizzou.com: The last time most of us saw you was the Shrine Bowl. What have you been doing since then?

Chase Daniel: "It's been real busy. I've pretty much training down here in Houston all the way through. Obviously, it's twice a day for us Monday through Friday, then Saturday is once a day. We usually test on Saturday. It's pretty crazy, but it's good. I've been getting in shape, losing some weight."

PM.com: Most people, the important things are 40 times, how they throw the ball, etc. With you, I've seen multiple people say the most impressive thing you've done is measure in at 6-0. Is that frustrating that the biggest variable is something you can't control?

CD: "That's just it. Like you said, it is out of my control. That's what I've been telling coaches. Two inches is nothing, you can measure it with your index finger and your thumb. If two inches is that much more important, if that's the difference between being a first round pick and being in the later rounds, that's ridiculous. Look what I've done, it's never hurt me before. I've gotten at the line, maybe 2-3 tipped passes all season. I saw Cullen Harper, a 6-5 guy, had six in the bowl game against Nebraska. So it's ridiculous, I can't control it. My arm's gotten a lot stronger, I think I can be one of the fastest quarterbacks, if not the fastest, at the combine."

PM.com: Are you starting to hear anything, either personally or through your agent, about what teams might really be serious, or will that not happen until the combine is over?

CD: "A lot of teams are just starting to get their draft boards together. The Pro Bowl was just two weekends ago, so they're just now finishing up with that. That really happens after the combine, you can get a good feel where you're going."

PM.com: What's it all like? Is it stressful, is it fun?

CD: "For me, I've never been a stressful person, it's just not how I am. You know me, you've covered me for the last four years. It's not really about stress, it's about going out there and having fun. You only go through this once in your life. I'm so lucky, I know I'll end up somewhere, whether it's fourth round or as a free agent, I know I'm going to make a team. I'm not really stressing out about it."

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