February 16, 2009

Introducing Sam Gibson

Prattville Sam Gibson.

"A couple school are interested but haven't offered like Auburn, UCLA, Vandy, Alabama, UAB, Clemson, and LSU.

"I really want to go to UCLA or USC, but if I was to have them in order it would be UCLA, Alabama, LSU, Clemson and then Vanderbilt."

"I got invited to LSU, UAB, Clemson and some of Alabama's games. I am going to the Alabama's camp this summer and to the Elite 11 try outs in Athens, Georgia in April.

"I think everybody is recruiting me as a quarterback, except Alabama. I want to be listed as an athlete. I think I'm best in the open field, plus I can catch. I really want to be a wide receiver or safety in college.

"I really need to work on my acceleration. I need a burst, for the first five or ten yards. I need to get stronger in my legs."

7. Can you tell me what were your thoughts on your junior year? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do and how great was it as a team to capture another state championship? On his senior year..

Well my junior year was sort of a ladder as in regards to progress. Like before the season, everyone was putting us down, saying we were going to lose three or four games because Prattvilledidn't have a good offense like the others in the past. When we played our first in Ohio, we lost and I think the reason we lost was because of me. I threw like three interceptions, so people and fans just started talking bad about my team and me, especially me. The second game, some fans were booing me, it was crazy.

So after a lot of thinking, I thought that in order for us to win, we had to get more explosive on offense, so about our fourth game of the season, we had that burst against our rival, Wetumpka. It was a big game for us, because we needed a game that would give us confidence. And to me, that was the only thing that our offense was missing.

"So I accomplished one of my two goals. One of the goals was to lead my team to our third consecutive state championship, but the other goal was to get a scholarship to a D-1 school, but that didn't happen. Now that the season is over with, all I think about is how much better I should've played to get that scholarship. Still, I have another year left to get it and I'm going to try everything in my will to get it."

"Winning another state title was big, just because we wanted to prove all the people that doubted us were wrong. Plus we didn't want this years team to be the first to mess up the dynasty that we and Coach Dubose are trying to build. It was also important because we wanted our new head coach to feel like everything was the still the same [at Prattville]. We didn't want to let him down because he too, had a lot of people saying that since Coach Clark left, we were not going to be able to it."

Also plays basketball.

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