February 14, 2009

A Destructive Force

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Having coached high school football for now going on 46 years, Jim Scible of Jacksonville's Terry Parker High knows a thing or two of what a big-time, Division I football player is supposed to look like.

Junior lineman Tavadis Glenn fits that bill.

"Big, intelligent and physical," Scible said in an interview with UGASports.

At 6-foot-6 and 290-pounds and a destructive force on both sides of the line of scrimmage, it's no wonder that Glenn is getting a close look from just about every big-time program around, including Georgia.

Although the Bulldogs have yet to offer, Glenn has picked up offers from the likes of Miami, Arkansas, Clemson and Kentucky. Wednesday, he told Rivals.com recruiting analyst Jamie Newberg that Miami and LSU are his two favorite schools, although the Tigers have yet to make an official offer. Neither has Georgia.

"Right now my two favorite schools are Miami and LSU," Glenn told Rivals.com's Jamie Newberg. "I have offers from Clemson, Arkansas, FAU, Miami, Kentucky, and others. FSU, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, and South Carolina are some of the schools that are recruiting me hard but have not offered yet."

Scible said there is obviously plenty in Glenn for coaches to like, but also warned his player that he can't take his talent or future for granted.

"Athletically he certainly has all the credentials and attributes in size and he's quick for a big kid," Scible said. "He runs well but his work ethic needs to be better because sometimes kids that are that size don't work as hard as kids that are less talented, although he has gotten better."

Scible - who coached five players who either have or are still playing in the NFL - said his message to Glenn has been the same he's given to countless other young players who have come before him.

"I pretty much talk to kids about money. That's my main theme," he said. "I try to tell kids that their transcript is full of dollar bills. There's a lot of money in that transcript, and the better your transcript, the better your GPA, the more people are going to be excited about you and the better chance you're going to have to go out and be a success."

Scible says he always tells Glenn and his teammates to go hard at all times. Like their transcripts, their future could well depend on it.

"I tell kids that are being recruited that you may have all the tools but basically they (college coaches) look at 5-10 plays and if they don't see a player who goes all out, shows a great motor, it's not going to happen," Scible said. "Sometimes you get through, but sometimes you don't. I'm always talking to the kids about effort, academics and being a leader. The better you lead, the more other people will rally around you and the more money you will make in life."

Wherever Glenn elects to play, Scible said there will be some serious lessons for him to learn.

"I know he's very excited now about getting all these offers, but I told him that even after this junior year he's going to have to keep on humping it," Scible said. "I personally try to keep these kids grounded and always try to keep reality to the situation. I don't let them get comfortable. I keep telling them 'You haven't done anything yet. It can all stop in a heart beat."

Fortunately, Scible says that Glenn appears to have gotten that message.

Although he has to keep pushing him on occasion to get better, Scible said his star pupil does enjoy a good challenge and does not back down.

"He's got a nasty streak in him and he's going to find a way. He likes to be challenged," Scible said. "He doesn't usually get much chance for a lot of one-on-one (blocking) stuff, so we have to spend a lot of time teaching him what to do when opponents try to do certain things when lining up against him, getting through double-teams, things like that."

Glenn projects as an offensive tackle but told Newberg he prefers the defensive side of the ball.

"I definitely prefer defense. I am strong and big but I can beat you with my speed and my hands," Glenn said. "I play with some technique and I am good at the point of attack."

Scible just wants Glenn to remain focused.

"Nowadays I'm as much of a preacher as I am a coach," Scible quipped. "I'm always spreading the group message to make sure these kids do the right thing, get a pursuit of happiness and grow up to be a young man that has some sense about them and not get caught up in all the hype."

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