December 22, 2008

Tigers look to earn Braggin' Rights back

Mike Anderson has pounded a mantra in to his team over the last few days. With Illinois looming in the Braggin' Rights Battle on Tuesday night, St. Louis native Matt Lawrence says, "Illinois is just another game."

"Yep," DeMarre Carroll said. "Just another game."

"Just another game," Kim English said.

Okay, coach, consider the message delivered.

"I think it's just as big as the Cal game, just as big as the Xavier game, just as big as the Stetson game," Anderson said. "Of course it's Illinois, rivalry, but I think every game's big to me. That's just how I see it."

That is not, however, how the fans that follow Missouri basketball will see it. For those fans, who have been creeping, if not sprinting, back to Mizzou Arena, this is not just another game. This is a big one.

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