December 12, 2008

Girvan: My Heisman Ballot

The time has come for me to cast my Heisman ballot. Of all the wonderful things this career has allowed me to do, the chance to vote for arguably the most prestigious individual award in all of sports, is the most special. It is truly an honor. As one of my best friends said to me during the UF/FSU game, "You don't have much going for you, Girvan, but that Heisman ballot is pretty cool."  I don't disagree. Along those lines, I'd like to thank author and longtime Gainesville Sun columnist, Jack Hairston, for giving me the opportunity.
 And the winner is...or at least should be...Colt McCoy. But then, Texas should be playing in the BCS Title Game too, and that's not happening. Come on, you know it, and I know it -- the system sucks. The Longhorns beat Oklahoma and Missouri, then had to watch them play for the conference title. Ridiculous. As for the loss to Texas Tech, it's not McCoy's fault that his secondary dropped a game-ending interception and missed a game-ending tackle with just seconds left on the clock. Regardless, McCoy had a better season than Tebow. He was more consistent from start to finish, while putting up better numbers nearly across the board. McCoy completed an otherworldly 77.6% of his passes for 3,445 yards and 42 touchdowns with only seven interceptions. He rushed for another 576 yards and ten scores. Colt McCoy was the best college football player I saw this season, and he is first on my ballot.

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