November 30, 2008

Is Conner still committed?

Rumors have been flying for week regarding four-star running back Montrell Conner even before Sylvester Croom resigned at Mississippi State.

So now that Croom is gone, is Conner following suit?

"No sir, not yet," Conner said. "I am still verbally committed. I'm looking forward to going there it just depends on what coach. I'd hate to go there and they get a coach that comes in there and runs the spread and they become a spread team and change the whole thing up."

Conner found out about Croom's resignation soon after waking up yesterday morning at his home in Monroe, La.

"I was just waking up," Conner said. "My mentor Rick Robbins called me and was talking to me and then I got another call that beeped in and it was my wide receiver from my high school team that I'm playing with right now. He was calling me and telling me. I told him that I would call him right back. I started talking to my mentor and he was telling me about it. Then it came flashing across ESPN. After that I just started getting calls and text messages."

Conner wanted to find out the reason behind Croom's resignation so he started contacting some of the current Bulldog players.

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