November 27, 2008

Nutt talking Mississippi State

Houston Nutt spent 10 years as the head coach at Arkansas and never experienced anything like he will see on Friday, an in-state rivalry game.

Nutt will lead his new team of Rebels against Magnolia State opponent Mississippi State during the annual Egg Bowl on Friday.

"I have never had an in-state rivalry as a coach, but I can feel what it means," Nutt said. "When you are in the same boundaries everything is bigger. This will be talked about for a full year from Friday. It's just big, and I haven't had any experience with it, but I know how big it will be and tough of a game it will be."

Nutt has had success against the Bulldogs posting a 9-1 record against the maroon and white. But Friday's matchup will be much more heated than any of his previous meetings.

"This will be my first experience with it," Nutt said. "But I know from the first time I got here whether you go to a coffee shop or down the road, it's always Mississippi State or Ole Miss. I graduated from Mississippi State. No I graduated from Ole Miss. There's a rivalry, and it's competitive. This will be the most competitive game of the year, forget about the records. You throw it all out. It's going to be a fight. This is very, very important."

While his team is 7-4 on the year and is already looking forward to a postseason bowl, Nutt feels like his team is focused on MSU this week.

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