November 11, 2008

Ben Howland unplugged - Part I

On Wednesday Evening UCLA's basketball team will open their season against Prairie View A&M. Bruin head coach Ben Howland met with the media to discuss the current status of his basketball team. The following is part one of that discussion.

Given that you have no information on Prairie View, what have you seen of them?

Howland: "Very little, this time of year is very difficult whenever you start at the beginning of the year because you have little to go on in terms of information. We have made agreements to share film of scrimmages and thus with all the teams in the tournament.

"For example, we have some tape on Miami of Ohio, against Ohio State, which is good for us because they beat Ohio State in a couple of their controlled scrimmages so they are very good.

"Weber State we have tape on and have a little bit on Prairie View, more from last year, than from this year, so it is difficult to know a lot."

So you have tapes of Prairie View scrimmages from this year?

Howland: "I'm not sure, because I haven't looked at it yet. Saturday we spent time on Weber State. Today (Monday Nov. 10) we're going to spend time on Miami of Ohio and then tomorrow we will spend some time on Prairie View A&M with the team so I'm kind of in that mode because the second game regardless of who we play, we don't really have a lot of time to prepare for that so we want to have at least one day that we went through some of their stuff live."

What tapes did you give up?

Howland: "Just the two exhibition games against Biola and Cal Baptist..."

So you have certain assistant coaches that are assigned to each team…

Howland: "Right, that's how we always do it."

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