November 7, 2008

Logan Thomas breaks down his selection

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Arguably the top player in the Commonwealth of Virginia and one of the top players in the country this season made his choice last night. Five-star tight end Logan Thomas returned to Blacksburg and committed to head coach Frank Beamer, his recruiter Bryan Stinespring and Virginia Tech just before Thursday night's contest against Maryland.

"Man, it just feels awesome, it's a big load off my back," he said. "I'm really excited to be a Virginia Tech Hokie.

"I told the coaches when I went to Coach Beamer's office. He was surprised. I told him I wanted to make this place where I live for the next four years and be a football player here.

"The coaches were really happy. They told me they think I can help out the offense a whole bunch. They told me they were going to use me a lot and then said they didn't just want me, they needed me. They thanked me and welcomed me to the family."

A few factors played into Thomas' decision for the Hokies.

"I just felt really comfortable with Tech," he stated. "It felt like the right place for me to be, so I prayed about it for the past year and God just led me there.

"It really wasn't any one thing that pushed me to Virginia Tech. I woke up Monday morning and it was the place I wanted to go. I thought I should go ahead and get it over with."

Virginia Tech is close to home and allows his family to be close. Were either of those factors in his choice?

"Yes and no," he said. "I think it's good my family can see me play and I can see them often. It wasn't the most important thing to me.

"I am really close with my family, but that wasn't the biggest thing for me. I left everybody out of my thinking process. Overall I'm excited to be a Hokie and I'm looking to get things done on the field."

Over the past year Thomas took a number of visits to Blacksburg and other schools. How did that play into the decision?

"I pretty much liked every campus I went to," he said. "I don't know what stuck out at Virginia Tech more. I was just led there.

"On the trips to Tech, I liked how they believed in me and how I could help out the whole team. I can be a big asset to that offense and will have a great shot at going to the NFL."

Coach Bryan Stinespring, his recruiter and Coach Frank Beamer were also important factors.

"Coach Stinespring was straight up with me the whole time and Coach Beamer is a genuine guy, everybody knows that. They are also down-to-earth Christian people that I can see myself with," he said. "I think it was good that Coach Stinespring was my recruiter since he's the offensive coordinator. I got a good chance to develop a relationship with him, he knows where I'm coming from and I know where he's coming from. He and I have developed that friendship."

As far as his position, questions are lingering.

"I was excited to see that switch up on offense last night. I saw a bunch of looks with Boone back at quarterback and down the field. I'll play something like that," he stated. "It's going to be more of a wide receiver position than a tight end. They want to flex me out a lot and that is fine with me.

"It's not really an H-back position. They were thinking about that first, but I'm too much of a playmaker. They want to get me out in space."

Rumors continue on the quarterback spot. Is that a consideration for Thomas?

"They did mention something about that and if I did it, it would be seldom to give the defense a different look," he said. "If they need me at quarterback though that is fine with me."

Early on the No. 2 prospect in Virginia was also a basketball recruit. Is that still an option at Tech?

"If I do play basketball it won't be until after my sophomore year when I get used to things."

With Thomas in the fold at Tech, he is now working to be a recruiter for the Hokies.

"Of course I'm working on Kevin Newsome, we need a quarterback. We don't have anybody after Tyrod Taylor and I'm working on him. He hasn't said too much, but he and I are pretty cool," he said. "I'm not pushing Zack (McCray). I'm going to let him go through the process."

Thomas gave some final thoughts on his choice.

"I'm just proud to be a Hokie. I'm proud to be playing Lane Stadium in front of all those fans. I thank God for the ability to go out there and play. Now I'm ready to finish up the rest of this football year."

Thomas confirmed he plans to enroll at Virginia Tech in the Fall.

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