October 31, 2008

Hometown Badger shines in scrimmage

MADISON, Wis. - People in the Madison area have been accustomed to Keaton Nankivil on the hardwood for a number of years. Last night, during the annual intra-squad scrimmage at the Kohl Center the Memorial native dominated the floor with a 24-point performance.

The following is a question and answer with the true sophomore:

Playing under the lights for the first time, were you expecting to have as big of a night as you did during the scrimmage?

Nankivil: You know, I wasn't really thinking about it. You let the game come to you and it just happened to be that way and I thought a lot of other people were getting good looks, too. So it all worked out.

During the off-season, what was your main focus after last year when you didn't get a ton of minutes?

Nankivil: We just come in everyday and do the work. Everybody works hard all summer and I think it just happens to be on certain days things are clicking and yesterday (Wednesday) was one of those days.

Were you at all surprised with yourself and the way you were able to dominate the game?

Nankivil: You know, I was happy with it. I don't know if I would say surprised because it's just one of those things where you go out and play and you don't really think about it. I was just happy that the red team got the win.

Do you think you took a little thunder away from Marcus Landry by outscoring him?

Nankivil: You know, it's the same thing. Marcus is a great player and we know that so I don't think taking thunder, that's nothing, you can't take it away from Marcus because he's got it. When the season comes we'll figure out how everything works and fits together.

How do you see yourself fitting in there?

Nankivil: I just hope I can get in there and make some positive impact and do some good things when I'm on the floor.

Moving forward, how exciting is it knowing that you will be able to play against somebody else instead of playing against each other so far?

Nankivil: That's what we come here for is to play other teams and show what we have. I'm ready for the first game and I think the whole team is ready to play some other people.

Just watching you during the scrimmage, it seemed like you could score from any angle. You were dunking, you were taking guys off the dribble and you were shooting. What are you most comfortable with?

Nankivil: It's just, sometimes you have to work with what people give you. The way the team was cutting, things were opening up, and it just happened to be that certain shots were there last night. J-Bo (Jason Bohannon) hits a three and the next thing you know, that step back is open off the screen or something like that. You just have to work with what people give you.

How much easier does it make it for you when you have capable guards that get you the ball in positions to score?

Nankivil: It's always great to have good guards. I played a little bit with Pop (Trevon Hughes) in high school, from AAU, and I've been able to have some good people around me which is awesome because it just makes everything so much easier on the floor.

You played your high school ball in Madison, people know you around here, but with all that said, would you still consider this your coming out party as a Badger? Or does it have to wait until it actually counts?

Nankivil: I mean the actual game is what counts. As far as all that goes, it's all about consistency more than anything. As much as last night was a good experience, there's still a lot more to do.

Are you confident with your mid-range jumper?

Nankivil: I'm confident in it because that's a lot of what we work on and coach expects people to have that shot.

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