October 24, 2008

Voices from the Scrolls: Is football fun again?

You the fans asked, and the Huskers have answered. In this week's edition of Voices from the Scrolls, we've picked five of the numerous questions submitted by our readers and asked them to Nebraska's players and coaches themselves. Here are their answers:

Is football finally fun again? - AuroraHusker84

"Yeah. It's been fun ever since this staff has got here. Of course nobody likes losing and the last three weeks we've lost. It wasn't good, but it still we were still having fun, we knew that though we were losing there were things that we could fix and we just had to get those things fixed. I think everybody, especially me personally, were still having fun. I'm still having fun." - senior linebacker Cody Glenn

"Yeah, I mean it's always fun when you start winning again, so Saturday was fun, the ride home was fun. It's just always fun when you get back on track, especially when you start playing well. It's always been fun, but it makes it a lot easier to come in here and do the hard work when you have something to look forward to and you are winning and playing well." - senior quarterback Joe Ganz

"I think more particularly fun because we just won a game. It's been a while since we've won. Having those losses back-to-back-to-back were kind of heartbreaking. Since we won the again, the team is happier, and we want to duplicate that feeling. We're going to go out here and do everything we can to get the win." - junior wide receiver Menelik Holt

Does crowd noise ever really bother you on road games? - Hucking Fuskers

"Not really. With defense, we just get a call and look at our wristband, so it really don't matter. We really don't feel it. You don't pay much attention. We just kind of block everything out. You just got to focus on what you're doing and not worry about all the other stuff." - Glenn

"Not a lot. It just makes us, when we go in shotgun we go into the silent count, but other than that it's not that big of a deal." - Ganz

"You never really notice it until like time outs or going into a third-down situation. We haven't been in a place that's been louder than ours yet, so it hasn't really affected us. Iowa State, it got a little loud, but it wasn't louder than anything we've had here. I haven't been to a place where it's affected me yet, so we'll see. Probably down in Oklahoma it'll be different." - Holt

Of all the strength and conditioning drills you do, which one do you hate to do most? Why? - CameronB

"Just the warm-ups. The warm-up is worse than the workouts. You get more tired doing the warm-ups than you do during the workouts. If I had to eliminate anything it'd be the warm-ups. It's just a bunch of meaningless stuff. I don't know, like, a bunch hopscotch and stuff. I just like to sit, stretch and be good to go." - Glenn

"It'd have to be either the County Fair or GPP. (The GPP) is something where we have to push sleds, I don't know, it's just non-stop. It's really hard on your legs. It makes you feel like you just want to lay down and die. The County Fair is like a setup of eight different drills and you're there for like five minutes a piece, and you're non-stop like running, cutting. Then at the end of that you have to do sprints, so it's hard. Thank God I don't have to ever do those again." - Ganz

"GPP. That's pretty much like I feel like I'm going into boot camp or something. It's pretty physically strenuous. It builds your capacity for work. It can be pretty tough. We do some things with a (barbell) where we'll like front squat it, press it and row it, a bunch of stuff. It's a circuit of a bunch of tough stuff." - Holt

NU is ranked 119th in net punting. What do you think has happened to our punting game and who has stepped up as our starter? - ssmill77

"They've been inconsistent and struggled a bit. We'll see how the practice tape looked today. We chart it throughout the week and kind of see which guy is hot." - head coach Bo Pelini.

Do you feel less pressure on the road than you do at home? Do the Nebraska fans put too much pressure on the players to perform at a high level? - husker8514

"I wouldn't say we feel less pressure. We've been able to play well the last two games and they happened to be on the road. For me, I love playing at home. Memorial Stadium is crazy. I'd say we feel more pressure from crowd noise at home than on the road. On the road you really don't have much of problem, but at home you sometimes do." - Glenn

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