September 25, 2008

10 Thoughts

Charles Dickens wrote a Tale of Two Cities. On Saturday Boston College wrote the Tale of Two Halves. I could not believe I was listening to John Meterperel and Peter Cronan describe the same game while I drove to a wedding in Vermont.

1. I had to rely on the accounts of the radio broadcast but something told me the team was sleep-walking through the first half. According to the broadcast the touchdown by University of Central Florida at the end of the first half fired up Coach Jeff Jagodzinski. Coach Jags called for a review saying the quarterback did not cross the line of the endzone. Without the review Jags was livid. Glad to see the emotion Jags carried into the locker room was channeled to Brian Toal's comments to the team.

2. Despite not being an elected team captain Brian Toal stepped up big-time to focus the team. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at half time. Peter Cronan said it best on the airwaves in his halftime commentary stating, "we will find out a lot about the team that comes out and wins this game." I know it is a cliché but we saw a different team in the second half. While the game as a whole may not have been pretty a win is a win.

3. It was great to see quarterback Dominique Davis step up and take advantage of his opportunity. Davis will get more chances against this week's opponent The University of Rhode Island. Expect Davis to get the experience needed that Chris Crane was not afforded.

4. Chris Crane's numbers may not have been impressive on Saturday but the effort in the second half is promising. Logan took the reins off and allowed Crane to play. Hopefully this continues this week and implementation of more of the playbook will bode well for the upcoming ACC schedule.

5. This weekend's game is more important than most will think. A win here gets BC off to a 3-1 start. BC would be half way to becoming bowl eligible. If things go well BC can get some underclassmen who have seen limited action a chance to get valuable playing time and experience. Don't forget last years' struggles with The University of Massachusetts or even the first half of last weeks' game.

6. Was anyone surprised by the ugly between Florida State and Wake Forest. I expected a little more offense, especially from FSU. By no means can BC or any ACC foe write off FSU yet but you have to look at Wake as the clear front runner of the Atlantic Division as they are currently 3-0 and plan to host Navy this weekend.

7. North Carolina State upset Eastern Carolina this past weekend. This is a big win for the Wolfpack. It was clearly their best played game of the year. Did ECU get too big for their britches? Has NC State turned the corner? There are lots of questions that don't quite have answers but coach Tom O'Brien pulls out a win in a game where many didn't expect a win. There are still growing pains ahead but a win for the ACC is a big plus. I don't want to look ahead too far but October 4th will be a big game.

8. Michigan State took advantage and exposed the flaws of Notre Dame. But the controversy that has come out of the game is a story that is very interesting. Notre Dame was caught having a laptop computer in the coach's press box. Michigan State observed this and claimed ND was tracking plays and calculating tendencies. ND denies the allegation claiming that an intern/assistant had the laptop on his own and didn't realize the rules. I am guessing that this wasn't the first time an intern had a laptop in their coach's box, but it clearly hasn't helped. This is an embarrassment and some alumni are not happy with Weis' act.

9. It is great to see that the ACC's power ranking has increased. There is a lot of football left to be played and while the first week was a tough one on the conference the emergence of Georgia Tech adds some depth to the conference that may have been unexpected. The ACC may not have marquee teams but from top to bottom every team is more talented than the pundits give credit.

10. I wish I could write a weekly article about all of BC's alumni in the NFL however it is good to know it just would take too long. I will however try and continue to highlight the weekly development of Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. Matt had a really good day going 12-18 with a touchdown pass of 70 yards. The Falcons have used the run to set up the pass and have surprised some getting off to a 2-1 start.

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