September 17, 2008

Brodell looking forward to Pittsburgh

After a week where he was featured on ESPN and honored by the Big Ten for his 81-yard punt return for a touchdown, Andy Brodell is more interested in looking forward to Pittsburgh than reflecting back on the Iowa State game. The senior wide receiver talks about working with two quarterbacks, heading out on the road for the first time this week, and much more.

Q: Coach says he's happy with both quarterbacks right now. Is it kind of a situation where you are comfortable with both of them too?

BRODELL: Yeah, definitely. I've got to do my job out there on the field regardless of who is playing quarterback for us and I'm confident in both of those guys. The good thing is we've got two guys that can step in and play. They're going to compete with each other and hopefully make each other better this year.

Q: It doesn't feel like it's a distraction from the outside looking in. Have you guys kind of gotten used to answering questions about it?

BRODELL: Yeah, I mean my answers don't change a whole lot. Ultimately, the coaches are going to make the decision on who plays. Last week when Rick needed somebody to pick him up, Coach put Jake in and that's what it took to get our offense down the field. Like I said, if we have two guys that can compete with one another and make each other better, it's going to make our team better.

Q: The first road test of the season, how do you think the team will react to a hostile environment?

BRODELL: Hopefully good. It's definitely tough going on the road wherever that might be. This being our first game, it's going to be interesting to see how we respond to that. The biggest thing is we just have to have another good week of preparation like we did last week and hopefully we can put together a good game.

Q: The location being Pittsburgh where Coach Ferentz is from and coached for a year, do you guys find yourself pulling a little harder for Coach this week or does that not really enter into it?

BRODELL: It really doesn't enter our minds a whole lot. That's I'm sure on Coach Ferentz's mind more than anybody. But it doesn't change things. Wherever we're at on the road, we've got to match the intensity that we bring here in Kinnick.

Q: The offense this year looks a little better than last year and part of that is having you back, but Shonn Greene has been really impressive. How much as that helped the offense?

BRODELL: A ton. Hopefully he can continue to do what he's done and hopefully the offensive line can continue to do what they've done. Anytime you have a good running back that can run the ball well it opens up the passing game for us as receivers and quarterbacks. Hopefully he can continue to run the ball well and it's going to make our season a lot easier for us.

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