September 7, 2008

The best of the Marshall post-game quotes

MADISON, Wis. - When the Badgers found themselves down 14-0 early in the second quarter against Marshall, there were two things that could have happened. One, they could fix the mental issues and start playing the way there are capable of, or two, they could start pressing and consequently fall into a deeper hole. Luckily for UW fans, they took the first approach and rallied off 51 straight points to win 51-14 Saturday.

The following are quotes from various players following the game:

Niles Brinkley on having offensive mentality on defense:

When you first start playing offense you always want the ball. When you switch over to defense you don't get as many opportunities to get the ball in your hand. Having a slight offensive mentality a little bit, it makes you want to get the ball, go after the ball and get the ball so you can make plays.

Lance Kendrickson how far his confidence has risen since he arrived on campus:

Definitely a lot. I'm starting to know the plays and doing it instead of trying to figure out what I'm doing before I get out there.

Mike Newkirk on defensive game against Marshall:

Today (Saturday) we showed on both sides what we can be when we played bad, but also what we can be when we played well. We gave up 14 right away, but then we had 51 unanswered points and shut them down after that.

Dan Moore on the level of excitement he plays with:

I think it's more of a testament to just the love of the game and being able to make a play because you work so hard. So much goes into making that one play, I don't know, I'm just an emotional player.

John Clay on being the third running back and wearing defenses down:

Coming in third, P.J. Hill and Zach Brown they wear out the DB's and the defenders. Then when I come in, I just put on more pain so it's a win-win situation for us.

Bradie Ewing on first career touchdown:

It happened so fast, the guys up front did a good job and Chris Pressley lead blocking, it's just great to get into the end zone for the first time. It's really a dream come true, it really was.

Allan Evridge on throwing more than 10 times:

Kind of joking around with the receivers saying that the running backs were my best friend today because we had two or three passes that were down on the one. So they got it handed off for touchdowns, so we were joking around about that. It was a great day.

Shane Carter on having scorers mentality:

Ultimately that's one thing, last year I had seven picks and no touchdowns. So I'll be honest with you, in the off-season I thought to myself when I get the ball in my hands I'm looking for the end zone so that's something that I wanted to do.

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