September 4, 2008

Posey Bowl ready to kick off

Saturday afternoon will see the state of Ohio's oldest institution take on its largest institution as the Buckeyes and Bobcats meet at Ohio Stadium as Ohio State goes for its 800th all-time win in program history. All of the talk about in-state supremacy, Beanie's foot, USC and all will mean nothing to Julie Posey though however as she will be torn watching her two sons face off against each other in front of a national television audience.

Ohio University cornerback Julian Posey and Ohio State wide receiver DeVier Posey both made names for themselves while playing at Cincinnati (Ohio) LaSalle high school but the pair have never competed against each other on the gridiron and it will be a chance for the younger DeVier to show his big brother how far he has come.

"I have played him one-on-one in basketball and I have had chances to beat him but I have never really beaten him but I don't think that is going to be the case this time," DeVier Posey said.

Both of the Posey's are close with each other and especially tight with their mother and even with the big game coming up it hasn't slowed down the Posey's from talking with each other even if it has affected the topics of conversation that are in-bounds.

"It will be another level of playing (against) each other," younger brother DeVier said. "We have been talking about this day for a while and it seems like it has taken forever to get here but it also seems like it got here kind of fast. Now it is game week and we are preparing for each other."

Game week has been a busy time for mother Julie though however making sure to coordinate with family and the ever daunting task of trying to acquire enough tickets to keep everyone happy.

"The ticket thing has been the most horrendous task I think I have had in a long time," Julie Posey said. "To try and get enough tickets… (Getting tickets for) 33 people. The next task is to make sure that all 33 people know where we are going when and who is doing what at what time. I am just going to type up an itinerary.

Of course after getting more than 30 people situated comes the question of attire and will people opt for the road green of Ohio University or rather the home scarlet of the Buckeyes or even a mixture of the two?

"We decided that red and green together wasn't our best colors," Julie Posey said. "We decided to get T-shirts so everyone could afford to have one because the split jerseys are expensive. We got custom T-shirts made and I know that the rest of the world may think that this is Ohio State versus OU but in actuality this is the Posey Bowl."

The outcome of the game will mean everything to almost everyone in the stadium come Saturday but for Julie Posey she already feels as if she has won along with her sons.

"So this game I can't lose," Julie Posey said. "I won't be in the loss column either way. If OU wins I am sure that everyone will be flabbergasted so I am a realist too. If OU wins and DeVier has a great game then that is a W for me. If Ohio State wins and Julian has a great game then that is a W for me. So I can't lose and it is a no-loss situation."

But don't believe for a second that the no-loss situation won't be stressful the moment both teams take the field all the way until the end of the game when DeVier and Julian are able to shake hands and go from being adversaries to being brothers.

"It feels good but I know my mom is going to be nervous and I don't know how she is going to make it through because she is just nervous when we play against other teams," DeVier Posey said. "Playing against each other is going to be really crazy for her."

While Julie Posey might be the only mother in the stands with a son playing for each of the teams she feels that this game is going to be a big deal just because of the impact on the state of Ohio and the chance for so many of the state's own to take the field across from one another.

"Then to have my two sons who are sons of Ohio be able to play against one another in Ohio, my brother told me that he was just going to call me the Big O and that Oscar Robertson would just have to deal with it," Julie Posey said.

Football schedules are made years in advance but the Ohio State versus Ohio University game was never on the family radar as DeVier was getting ready to make his decision to play for the Buckeyes but it didn't take very long for it to come to the forefront however.

"Being that DeVier committed so early we had not seen a schedule so we didn't know," Julie Posey said. "We did find out pretty quickly (laugh) that there was a real possibility that they could go head-to-head. I think what was most interesting is when coach (Jim) Tressel came down for his home visit for DeVier and Julian was home for that visit and we had the opportunity to talk about the possibility of that game and them going head-to-head.

First of all we said to DeVier and said that he has to get on the field or it is a moot point. Then coach Tressel was teasing the guys and said when you get out there and you are across the line of scrimmage from each other you have to remember that there are 105-thousand people watching you, you can't act like brothers you have to play football (laugh)."

DeVier did find his way to the field and scored a touchdown on his first collegiate reception and now figures to have a chance to go up against his older brother. But the younger brother knows that he wouldn't be nearly the player he is today without the help of Julian.

"He really put a lot of work into me coming up and I feel like I am the athlete I am today because of him and my mother," DeVier said. "They made sure I worked hard. I really think he got me over the hump the days I didn't want to go out he would always be there for me and I think sometimes he would sacrifice his skills to help me work on my stuff and that is what big brothers do and he has helped me a lot."

Mom echoes the sentiments of the contribution that Julian made to DeVier while growing up.

"If there was not a Julian then DeVier Posey would not be the player that he is," Julie Posey said. "Julian refused to let DeVier play with kids his own age… he had to play with Julian and he had to do what the older guys did. Julian pushed DeVier from five years old up. He wouldn't let him play with the little guys and I told Julian that he created the monster."

Both DeVier and Julian have excelled outside of football as well but football will be the vehicle that most people will use to get to know either of the Posey brothers but mom knows that both guys are so much more than X's and O's.

"I am so very proud of them (both)," Julie Posey said. "Academically they have both just been outstanding students and as athletic as they are they are just as academic. But most of all I am proud of them because they are wonderful sons. They are loving, they are fun to be with and they love their family. When I go visit them they treat me like I am a movie star, a mom couldn't ask to be regarded any better than how both of my sons regard me. It is just not one thing I am proud of them about they just are great sons and I love them to death."

And all of the practices, tough times and sacrifices have paid off for the family and mom couldn't be any more proud of how her sons have handled themselves.

"We are not a wealthy family," Julie Posey said. "I have been a single mom and I have made many sacrifices to send them to a private school all their life and to stress to them how important education and character are and when you start something you finish it. If you are going to do something and not do your best you might as well not do it. Whatever you do, do your best… if you keep putting one foot in front of the other that way, how are you going to be unsuccessful at what you do? As long as you do your best I will do mine and I will be there to support you come hell or high water."

Will there be any measure of trash talking on the field, even if it is good natured?

I think Julian is willing to get a penalty to stop his brother from getting a touchdown.

- Julie Posey
on how Julian and DeVier will match up

"I really am not going to say anything to him," DeVier said. "I have been talking to him every night but I really don't know what to say. It is going to be weird because this is the first time we really have ever played against each other except for in the backyard with no public eyes around (rather than) Ohio Stadium."

"I am hoping that for both of their sakes that they are able to pretend that they are in the backyard and go out there and just play," Julie Posey said.

But mom knows that her older son might hold the edge when it comes to talking trash on the field, partly because of experience in college football and partly because of the position that he plays.

"When you are a corner you better be able to talk trash," Julie Posey said. "You have to pump yourself up because you are sitting out on that island and most of the guys you come up against are taller than you and bigger than you. You have to have a little cocky in you to be a corner. Then on top of that Julian has more collegiate level trash talking experience."

DeVier does know that his brother will attempt to get in his head though but he won't be having any of that.

"I know he is going to be out there and try and do his big brother thing but I am not really looking at it like that," DeVier said. "I have a game plan that I need to execute on my side of the ball."

"DeVier is just going to have to not laugh," Julie Posey said. "He is going to have to try and keep his composure because I know Julian is going to try and make him laugh."

And what happens if that one on one play happens and Ohio State goes deep to a streaking DeVier who only has Julian standing between him and a big gain for the Buckeyes…

"A jump ball," Julie Posey said. "They both get up, they both get their hands on the ball and they both come down with it."

Unfortunately for that plan rule 7-3-6 states that a simultaneous catch calls for a dead ball with possession remaining with the passing team.

"No, change the rules (laugh)," Julie Posey said. "I don't know, that is the best scenario I can come up with and I can't change the rules. If it goes to the offense then I guess we tried. I would hate to see DeVier burn Julian. It is not that I don't want DeVier to get a touchdown but get it on Mark Parson."

If one Posey gets the better of the other it could create interesting dinner conversation come Thanksgiving but even worse so this is something that could last for years upon years.

"Actually they have talked about this game and DeVier has said that if he gets to get the better of Julian that he is going to get a copy of that clip and have something in his house so when Julian comes over that he can replay it over and over all the time," Julie Posey joked. "Of course Julian said that if he intercepts the ball on you I am going to do the same thing… they will go hard against one another. It is not going to be any kind of 'that's my little brother and let me give him some mercy'."

Julie Posey knows that Julian will stop at nothing to prevent his younger brother from getting a highlight play against him.

"I think that Julian is willing to get a penalty to stop his brother from getting a touchdown," Julie Posey joked. "All bets are off, he is going to go for it… he is the big brother and he is not going to let it go down."

But once Ohio Stadium is empty and the score is firmly tucked away in the record books it won't change the way that the Posey family operates and how proud mom is of her two sons.

"I think the future is bright for the both of them and a mom couldn't ask for anything better," Julie Posey said.

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