September 3, 2008

Bruins have work to do

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel held a teleconference last evening (Tuesday Evening) to catch up with everything that has been transpired since his team's thrilling victory over SEC powerhouse, Tennessee. Some of the topics covered are injuries, being ranked in the polls and how the team rallied behind Kevin Craft.

Neuheisel: "Just a quick snapshot of again what took place Monday Night. I am very proud of the effort. I am very proud of the ability to stick together, especially when one side of the ball is having success and one side isn't.

"I thought is neat how the defense rallied to Kevin Craft's back and looked after him, especially at halftime when things weren't going well and those were all positives.

"We have a long way to go to be better offensively in the running game. We have a long way to go tom make sure we do all the things we need to do in terms of gap integrity from the secondary sides of things as well as the front because we are going to face some really good running teams further down the road, but overall I am impressed by the effort and if you have effort you can fix things a lot faster."

"Injury wise the three injuries that you all saw in the first quarter are all significant. Logan Paulsen broke his foot. The probability is he will probably have to have surgery. I don't know if that means he will be out for the season or if we can get him back sometime in November, but we will remain optimistic we can get him back."

"Kahlil Bell is an ankle, how long is anybody's guess. He's a tough guy and he wants to play, hopefully sooner than later and Marcus Everett is a dislocated big toe, which is probably a three to four week injury.

"I hate to put times on those injuries because you never know, but I know all three of those kids will work, fight and scratch to get back into the game. They were having fun and certainly impacted the game in a positive way.

"Reggie Carter's knee is better today and he believes he will be probable for the BYU game."

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